2 job offers, can I have both companies apply for E-pass at same time?


As the title says, I have two job offers in the same week, after a month or so of a discouraging job search.

Very exciting week to say the least and nervous about the results.. (More questions and concerns but not yet)

This questions first: Can I have two different companies apply for an E-pass and S-pass at the same time? Or will MOM disqualify me right away, or what? My first choice, say company A just submitted the application for an E-pass, Monday (2days ago) and I just received another offer from Company B today, saying they want to start the process for an S-pass.

I will try to hold off on getting the process going for Company B, but don't want to wait too long, ya know.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, advice or experience with this..

Congratulations for your job offers - you are lucky: one month is a very short time for finding a job!
You cannot have two applications ongoing at the same time.
If MoM receives two, it will send both back to the applying companies asking for clarification. This will cause confusion, possibly consternation at the part of the companies (who then could cancel their job offers to you) and, at the very least, a delay.
You should ask company A to withdraw their application and then company B can apply.

I have an SPass application approved from a new employer, but not issued yet.
I have another job offer and the other company wishes to apply for a Spass as well.
Is it possible to have a new spass application, when there is another one from other employer with Approved status?

No, you can only have one. The first one needs to issue your pass before another application can be made.

As Beppi mentioned, it will cause confusion and you may end up cancelling one, with the risk of the other one (without certainty of approval in the process)- take a measured decision.

   I got select in one company and they apply for me to MOM, Now the application status is pending, now I got another company and they want to apply also. Now can I request to fist company to withdraw the application or can only withdraw after approval?.
Please clarify my situation.

I do not believe MoM will allow that if you want second job then you have to pull the first eP and submit new EP but check with MoM

I had similar experience before and the first company will need to withdraw the offer before the second company can apply. So you will need to decide which offer would you like to take. Only one application is allowed.

Based on my experience, If your pass is up for renewal, please make sure it is renewed before any new submission as there will only be one application.

Think very carefully before taking the next step. Two applications cannot be processed simultaneously. The first company will need to withdraw the application only after which the second company can apply but will need a strong reason from you for the withdrawal. They will most likely pin the blame on you for the withdrawal and all these will go into your record and may play a role in future approvals. Just be sure that the second company is the employer you wish to join and don't fish around for more offers. Hope you'll take a sound decision. Best of luck.

Aruljith: If you do not want the job at company A any longer, you should tell them. They will then withdraw the EP application in due course- and after that company B can apply.
Please note that you will lose the processing time (your application starts from Zero again) and, since MoM dislikes job-hoppers, this can leave a negative mark on your profile - but of this is the first time, it is a small one.

Thanks for your details

Hi all, this Tuesday only I have to join new company. Now I have one more good opportunity.. now I need to ask my current employer to cancel (spass card not yet get) my permit or direct can apply from new opportunity company.
Thanks in advance

Aruljith: Please do not double-post the same message (I had to remove the other one)!
You are only allowed to work AFTER you have the S-Pass issued, so wait for that before you visit your current employer.
Another work pass can also only be applied for after that.

But most of the people says if you cancel the approved pass and apply the 2nd time pass maximum chances are rejections for applying 2nd time

Vamahi: Is this information from an authoritative (or at least knowledgeable) source, or just speculation?