Two companies can apply for same person IPA for E Pass ?

Hi Everyone,

I am currently in Singapore working in EP. I have a offer from a Company A and they applied for IPA and it got approved. Now, Another company B gave me an offer and they are in process of applying IPA for me now.

My Question is can the company B can also apply for IPA and get approval from MOM ? Have any one came across this situation from your experience ?


No, MoM doesn’t approve such cases. Company A has to withdraw before Company B can apply.

Company B can see one more company has already applied your work pass and it’s approved. MoM may inform to company B about this.

Why do you mention yourself as Singaporean in profile?

Try to stick to one offer and don’t run one after other as it will create negativity in the market for other aspirants as well as for yourself.

I’m very much sure you never told to company B about your IPA approval under company A.

Dear surya2k,

Iet me explain, I am already working under a Company X and I have put my papers after getting an offer & IPA Approved from Company A. Now I have attended interview with company B and they are in process of releasing the offer.

My concern is can Company B also apply for IPA ? Will it be approved ?

Here Company A role is contract and Company B is direct employment.

Btw, I am not an Singaporean it would be updated in mistake.

Then as I said earlier, request company A to withdraw  so that company B can apply. You can give some good reason e.g. your current employer didn’t allow to leave and agreed to pay the offered salary by Company A.

Once company A withdraw then only company B can able to apply. Good luck

thanks surya2k

Thank you sir.i get my answer.

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