Single Permit Processing in 2022

@Aneesh Thank you for the explanation, appreciated.

Hi all,

I live in Belgium. But when my employer applied for my SP, I didn't have RP. My WP is accepted on 27th April and I'm still waiting for my RP. I'm scared that my RP will be rejected. What do you think about this?

Thank you.

@firat44 If they do not have a reason to reject the RP and you are legally in Belgium then it should be fine. But if you do not have RP, I assume you are in Belgium as a tourist? In this case, if the RP (annex 46) is issued you still need to go back to your country and apply for a valid long-term visa.

@Husi123 Thank you for the answer. I actually applied for a professional card while I had the RP. It was rejected after 5 months. Meanwhile, the RP has expired. Then my prospective employer immediately applied to SP without RP. And despite all that, WP was approved.

Is there anybody received the RP recently? Please share.

June 6 seems a holiday in Belgium.

@burak karaomer yes your RP comes after your WP. So once the WP is approved they send it for RP and once that is approved they send you a Annex 46 and that allows you to work in Belgium.

Has anyone in the past week or 2 received a Annex 46? It's week 7 since I got my WP and I need to get back to Belgium as I am starting to work on 1 July 😓. Any advice?

@dk101 Thanks for your timeline. Is it fresh or renewal application?


Please keep us updated, and good luck. At the moment an official link which someone previously shared earlier in this thread states 9 week processing time

I have also crossed 10 weeks waiting for RP

By the way, when did you get your WP? Is it Flanders area?

What happened to the RP processing! From the shared timelines,  the average processing time of RP was within 8 weeks in April and May.

Region: Brussels
WP : 07 April 2022
RP : Waiting
The same date with me for the WP.
@Kristani1989 : How long it takes for RP after the WP is approved as for me its now for more than a Month and still there is no update on RP.

Is there any possibility to get the status or minimal what is the time span for RP post wp Approval for Belgium region ?

ANNEXE 46 received today.

request date : 29/03/2022

WP approval : 13/04/2022

RP / Annexe 46 : 08/06/2022.

Wishing the best to everyone.1f600.svg1f600.svg


Did you receive the notification from your employer or the immigration office?

Congratulations, Could you please let me know the region ?


My employer.

Decision has also been communicated to the consular office to the country where i currently stay.
Thanks for your reply.

I asked my employer today about the update. They said the government contacted with me and asked for my resident card. But I never received any mail. God!

Just send them the copy. I am not sure how long still need to wait.
Hello My employer applied the renew for single permit from online ""

I am waiting for more than one month now without any status.I am worried because my current one will expire in 4th august.

is online process effective or shall I ask my employer to apply like old manual way?

Do anybody have idea?

Region: Flanders
request date : 28/04/2022
WP approval : 05/05/2022
RP / Annexe 46 : Waiting.
My Single Permit application

Region : Flanders

Application date : 24/05/2022

WP : Waiting

Inquired Flanders Department of Work and Social security , they said now they have worked on files till application date 19/05/2022 so mine is yet to come for decision/in queue.

@RaTra9 They are processing work permit applications or residence permit until 19 mai ?

@Brahim Nouressalem WP only , don't know about RP. Seems they are working sequencial. I heard for WP. I have to wait for a week for my application to be under evaluation/decision.

@RaTra9 Dou you have the email of the immagration office ? can  i know my application status ?

@Brahim Nouressalem Don't know their email contact for single permit /work permit related queries.

I contacted through this

[link under review]
Hello Everyone, I have a question a bit complicated, so anyone who can answer will be a huge help.

I need to renew my Passport that I applied for the single permit

So In the Application documents there will be my old passport, while I need to apply for the single permit visa with my new passport.

What Should I do ? Would it create a problem to renew my passport ?

Only ID  of my passport will change, my photo, birth date and place will be there so could they stamp the visa on the new passport ?

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share that I received my single permit approval😊. The timeline is as follows

Flanders Region
Applied on 09/03/2022
WA: 06/04/2022
Annex 46: 08/06/2022

Good luck to everyone.

Could you please tell me which info shows in the annex 46 ?

Photo ?

Name ?

Passport ID?

Birth Date and Place ?

National ID ?
@burak karaomer

Hi, find response below

Photo ? No

Name ? YES

Passport ID? NO

Birth Date and PLACE ? YES

National ID ? NO

The document covers the nationality and unique dossier number.
Good morning all,

Does anyone knows how long it takes for the residence permit to be finalized once work permit is approved, especially for Brussels?

Many thanks

Thank you for your quick response, it helped a lot.

could you please share any information that shows YOU as a person deserved it, like any more specific things show navvin12 is the person ?

like nationality,

or anything you can see.

Thank you so much. I hope everything goes well with you on your road in to Belgium.
My current single permit will expire in one month ,my company has applied for renewal. Can I continue work if single permit approval come later than expire date of current one?

Please let me know..
@navvin12 thanks for sharing.

Can u pls share whether it was for long term or short term SP and was it for IT/non-IT or HSM ?

@Meric Erdeviren i was told 6 -8 weeks but there website now says up to 10 weeks

@Kristani1989 thanks for the info


Which website exactly ?
@burak karaomer i see its now 9 weeks

[link under review]

@Kristani1989 Isn't it is for work permit ?