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I have several queries regarding the visa application form so I thought of listing them down so that I don't have to ask each one separately.

I am filling the Visa application form and I am stuck on some fields which are listed below.

1.) Language for decision :
I am getting the options as- Unimportant/French/Dutch/German.

I was supposed to fill 'unimportant', is it correct ?

2.)  Visa type:
Although I am applying for category (art. 10&10bis), I could not see this in drop down options. There are only 2 categories for art 10 which are "Family reunion art.10" and " Family reunion spouse worker art 10 bis 2." What will be the correct one for me (I am going as a dependent, my wife is already in Brussels)?

3.)  Host or Accommodation:
As soon as I select the host type as person, I can see a check box which says
"Has the inviting person signed an official document with a commitment that charge will be taken and has this document been validated by the host country?"

Do I need to select the checkbox? If yes, does my wife have to get any official document from commune regarding my arrival? Or I can simply proceed without selecting the box.

4.) Inviting organization:

In this section I can only see 2 options which are company and school.

Do I need to select anyone of them as neither have I got any job in Belgium yet nor I am going for study. Or I can simply proceed without selecting anything as it is not a mandatory field.

5.) Do I have to book the flight tickets before going to VFS, as I have gone through some blogs and found out that the applicant have previously booked the tickets. Then I thought may be they booked because in their case primary applicant and the dependent, both were going at same time. But here in my case my wife is already there. Can someone please clarify on this?

6.) What option should I choose in the category "Current occupation", as I have already resigned in my current company and serving the notice period. So should I go for "No occupation" or "Employee (Private business)? In case I have to choose the latter one, do I have to provide them any letter from my company regarding my resignation because I will get the relieving letter on my last working day only.   

These are the queries I have. It would be a great help if someone could resolve them as after completing the form, I will be taking an appointment at VFS asap.

Thank you.


Hi sopan

What did you fill in main purpose of journey family reunion art 10 or 10 bis 2


Hello, I am facing the same queries, could we discuss

1. Correct. You can leave it unimportant or select French.
2. Family reunion spouse worker art 10 bis 2.
3. You can leave it unselected, as you will be attaching your wife's rental contract, work/residence permit, salary slips, etc.  with the application form. These documents prove that she can take care of your stay.
4. You can leave this blank.
5. Flight booking is not needed.
6. You can mention no occupation.

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