Police visit - what to expect

Hello I am new to Brussels and heard that there is a police visit shortly after registering at the commune. Should I be expecting the police to need to visit again in the future? Is there a police visit when applying for Card A?


@Zaza00 Hello. In Belgium, Police visit takes place in two cases, first when you change your address and second when you ask for nationality. Some people from brussels mentioned that police visit did not take place when they asked for nationality. So, its need to be confirmed/debated.

Is there a police visit when applying for Card A? - YES

Should I be expecting the police to need to visit again in the future? - Depends on different cases.

@arjunprasad2143 Are you saying that the police will check once at the time of registration and then come out once again when I apply for the Card A?


Police visit is a must in Belgium . You have to have an address where you are living .

Your house has to be furnished and you have to have enough rooms for everyone living at the address you registered yourself .



In the point of view of the laws, technically, you can have a police check anytime.

Reality is that they've way other things to do...

So yeah, they're 2-3 cases where the police check is mandatory, even for national, like when moving to a new address, to verify your address AS YOU'LL PAY TAXES in this commune.

So yeah, once they know you live there, they sign the document, you go back to the commune 7 days later and you'll get your resident permit, no big deal~

I  registered for commune on 19 March 2023 still haven't seen any police and no feedback from the commune any help ?

@laria hatim The police might have come and not found you, and not informed you. Happened to me twice, and the commune provides no visibility on this over e-mail, they only check the police feedback if you have an appointment.

This was just my experience, in yours the case might be completely different and maybe its just taking a long time for the police to visit in your area - its best to check status with your commune directly.

@ChandlerBing  pls how do I check my commune pls help

Because after registering they sent us a message that there is too much backlogs so we will receive message in 3weeks is past 3weeks no message , no police too

So guide me

@laria hatim make an appointment online with whatever commune you are residing in.

@ChandlerBing  I have done that on 19th march

Hello I am residing in brussels I am here for 45 days I have been working in the police control and 15 days have passed I need to get the rational number and I am having problems bank transactions do not get the internet to the rented house and I can not even get the language course. Bunkar big problem thanks I want to help with this. 🖐️