Annex 46/47

Does anybody know from where we can get annex 46/47?

Your employer has to apply for single permit. Then you would at first get work authorization from Socio and Economic dpt after that you will get Annexe 46 from immigration. It takes more than 3 months for all the approvals. After which you can apply for D-visa at your country of residence. At Brussels region process is quicker, compare to other three regions.

I am a dentist and I have visum from the health ministry in Belgium and I have a contract from a clinic to start my stage period for 6 months and after that I can continue my work there. So, the clinic should issue annex or the health ministry?

I guess it means you want to be an employee if you're talking about annexe 46/47, as it's related to the single permit. In that case, it's your hospital that has to do the request for the work permit at the region.

What visa did you get exactly? They didn't gave you the work permit yet?
A visa D, any comments on the visa? BNLxxxxxx or else?

Note: 90% of the dentists in Belgium are freelance.

Hi. I get visum which means work permit as a stagair and i have a contract with a clinic. Now, I'm in my country (Iran) and I should apply for a single work visa to go to Belgium. And one of the documents that I need is annex 46/47. I don't know from where I should get it. Some friends here said: the employer should apply for it and the immigration office should issue it.

ok ok, so yes indeed, your contact at the hospital has to send a request to employ you and start the process.

At some point, if the region allow your work permit and the immigration allow your stay, then you'll get your annexe and you'll get your visa few days later.

@gavish121 What is the average time required for work authorization and annex 46 issuance in the Brussels region?


I was hoping someone could give me an estimate of time period.

I live in UK and the company has applied for a single permit.

I have received the working visa 2 weeks ago.

now I need my residential visa with the annex.

How long should I expect to wait before I can enter the country and start working?



I got a reply from Brussels region, does anyone knows what is next step ?

Your application for a single long-term permit has been initiated and your Annex 46 for your 3-year contract has been successfully validated.


hello Alex , could you help me?

I am a job seeker from india, I got a job offer from Belgium, and they are processing my visa applications, yesterday they send one PDF file which is annex 46 , Is there any chance to check the document ? Is it genuine or fake? ,

@Anu Radhakrishnan2

Hi, what do you want to know with the Annex 46/47?

Did you look into this website? … gle-permit

the Annex is an approval of your application, so now go ahead and apply for your Visa in India.

From the above website:

A worker who has indicated a foreign address in their application for a work permit must apply for a D visa (national long-stay visa) at the Belgian diplomatic or consular post competent for the place where they reside.

The post will issue the visa on presentation of a valid passport and the decision granting a single permit (Annex 46 or 47), provided that the decision presented by the worker corresponds in every respect to the decision notified to the post by the Immigration Office.

The national indication B34 on the D visa means that the worker has received a single permit. The indication B29 means that the worker is a highly qualified worker (EU Blue Card).

The worker must apply for registration in the register of foreign nationals of the place of residence and for the issue of a single permit within 8 working days of entering Belgium. They must present their passport, the decision granting a single permit (Annex 46 or 47), the decision granting the work permit and the decision granting the residence permit.

Hi, i am uk residence i want to work in Belgium i have fond a employer but i want to know what will be the procedure or can i move or not?