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If you move to Belgium and you have a pet, you probably want to take them with you. Here are the rules that apply when traveling to Belgium with a pet.

Two specific cases

Belgium lets people bring their pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) providing some formalities and conditions.

Two cases:

  • You come from the EU
  • You come from a third country

Pets traveling from EU member states

Pets need to have a microchip technology HDX or FDX-B, conform to ISO 11784 standard. The microchip is read by a machine based on that standard.

Pets tattooed before July 3rd 2011, a microchip isn't necessary.

Pets need a European passport, delivered by their vet.

They need to be vaccinated against rabies, respecting the protocol. Once vaccinated, they need to be controlled by a certified EU lab. The vaccine has to be administered after the pet gets a microchip.

Pets traveling from third-countries

Regarding the microchip, same conditions apply to animals coming from countries outside the EU.

Additionally, they need to be vaccinated against rabies. If it's a primo vaccination (first time), respecting the protocol cited above, it has to be done at least 21 days before the travel. Again, vaccination is after getting the microchip.

A vet has to deliver a sanitary certificate, issued no more than 10 days before moving to Belgium. It is valid for 4 months.

Entry points for animals in Belgium

For animals traveling from outside the EU, they can enter Belgium at:

  • Brussels national airport
  • Liege airport
  • Ostende airport
  • Charleroi airport

Useful link:

Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

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