Annex 33 ter


I am a student and I went for resident card renewal in Brussels. Instead of Annex 15 they gave me Annex 33 ter. What is the difference? I do not understand the time required and the reason for giving different annex.

@Spark Speedy According to my limited understanding an Annex 15 is just a temporarily permit.  International students who are staying for more than three months (in Belgium), will get a residence permit (Annex 33) until the end of their academical year. I think you are fine like this!

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Annex 33 is for renewal of resident permit of student.

So, absolutely normal in your case :cheers:

Annexe 15 is for temporary residency until you get your A card.

do you have any idea how long it takes? Cause the commune says its gone to ministry for approval

Fast, student are always a priority for immigration. I'd say less than a month as we're end of September and the new academic year just started.

@AlexFromBelgium Is a student able to do studentjib using bijlage 33ter?

No idea to be honest.

I'd say that what matter is the resident card validity. You should call your commune, they'll give you the right answer.

Annex 33ter (which is different from Annex 33) is just a receipt showing that you have applied to renew your permit.

Annex 15 is a temporary document which covers your stay in Belgium until you receive the physical residence permit card.

You can find more information specifically about the difference of this document on this KU Leuven site: … ng-non-eea