Travel to UK with Belgium F Card ?

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Can someone travel to UK from Belgium using a Belgium F card without a UK visa? Or will need  to apply for Visa?

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This is only possible between Schengen signatory countries, the UK has never signed the Schengen agreement.  So, no, it's not possible to do what you ask; you will need to apply for a visa.

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Thank you very much. It definitely helps.

Sorry but no Cynic, family member of EU are an exception. (F/F+ card in Belgium)
They are allowed to travel in UK without visa / EEA Family Permit if they travel with the EU citizen they are in relationship with.

Family members of a national of an EEA Member State, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, with a "Permanent Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen" or a "Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen" issued by Belgium. They must travel with or travel to join the Union Citizen. … dence-card

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Ooh this is great. So basically I could travel with my Belgium wife without additional visa. As it was our intentions when Corona period ends, we could go to London for weekend.

Hi again.

Yes, you're correct, although I read the question differently; he asked for someone, not an EU citizen travelling with a TCN.  However, he now has updated and correct information - thank you.

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Hi Cynic and Alex,

Sorry for not keeping it clear.

I am not from EU, I am from Tanzania married to a Belgium now residing in Belgium having an F card valid for 5 years. Hence would I still be required to have visa to enter UK for visit?


[at]Cynic it's perfectly understandable. You couldn't know that a F card is a family member of EU id card :cheers:

As I said, no, as long as you travel with her.

But you may have to proof your relationship with your wife at the immigration. The id card may not be enough, depending on the immigration guy you'll face.

So, bring your certificate of marriage with you and face the immigration together.

Check the link from my previous post in few hours, when it will be validated by moderators.

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for clarification. I will check the link out as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you both for your assistance.

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