Withdrawal of Card F after divorce

Hey everyone. This forum has been very useful for me and many others. I just wanted to know regarding withdrawal of card F after divorce with Belgian partner. Anyone having personal experience or information related to this matter of divorce in Belgium(when marriage took place in Belgium), Kindly share. Thank you.

If you have children nothing changes
Dear Jaci, thank you for your response. Actually we do not have kids. And what is the procedure like? If divorce happens before 3 years or 1 year of common residence, Card F is withdrawn? Even if you have a job and you are not dependent on social security, then? Or card F is replaced with another card? What happens actually.
What I have heard is you must have a vast contract. 3 years together with your better half.  I don't want to mislead you.
Thank you for your opinion :)
Hi! I was legally cohabiting with a Belgian (not married then), and we stayed together for more than 4 years.

From what I understand, if you are together more than 3 years, you might not be at risk. However, please note that it is on a case by case basis. It is definitely better if you have a work contract (financially stable) and definitely if you speak one of the languages, have done an integration course/prove that you are integrated in society.

Just my 2 cents here, hope it helps.
After 3 years under a F card, immigration can't throw you away for no reason. You're way more protected.

But as Kerry-Ann is saying, to make sure you'll never any problem you'll have to secure your stay by working and show some sign of integration (FR/NL/DE) (integration course is also an excellent idea: 400h of FR/NL/DE + rights & laws in Belgium)
Guys I came to Belgium through a family reunion my wife has the 5 years card so when I got to Belgium they gave me the A card my wife wants a divorce and I know the law says you need to be together for minimum 3 years maximum 5 ….I sent all required documents to the commune and they asked me to send a registered contract of the house I stay in and also a registration of the contract.. My card is expired now and they gave me the annex 15 they said they haven't gotten a reply from Brussels yet…I work and I have a vast contract I have done my integration as well so I want to know if I can still stay in Belgium…Thank you
Heu no...
As you have an A card, it can be canceled anytime.
Only F card holder are safe after 3 years of stay.

The only possible way that you'll be allow to stay is if you're working.

When do you start calculating the  3 years of the  marriage . is it from the day you do marriage or the day you collect orange  card or the day you collect the F card .

When do you start calculating the 3 years of the marriage . is it from the day you do marriage or the day you collect orange card or the day you collect the F card .

The day you got married

@AlexFromBelgium  Thanks for your helpful response on this forum.

My initial card F has been renewed and a new card F issued pending feedback from the immigration office whether to grand F+ or C because I am not on the same address with my partner ( we were together for six years and lived under the same roof for more than 5 years).

At the moment it seems we won't be able to work things out and we may most likely opt for official separation.

I have a job and I already did the integration and language course.

My question is, does the minimum of 3 years in a relation carries forward to the new issued card F (as most people based the 3 years on how long you had the card F with you)?

Am an F card holder and only lived in Belgium for a little over a year and has done integration and currently doing my second set of 1.2 language course and hadn't worked yet. And my wife asking for divorce.  What do I do from here

Am an F card holder and only lived in Belgium for a little over a year and has done integration and currently doing my second set of 1.2 language course and hadn't worked yet. And my wife asking for divorce. What do I do from here

Hey. You read all the above comments, if you think you do not satisfy any of these factors, then you may loose F card and convert to A card but for this you will have to talk to a lawyer and take his/her services. He/she will send your response on behalf of you to the immigration office

Hi everyone, thank you so much for the info provided here. Very useful. I read all the thread, have also question about residence permit and risk of loosing F+ card/residence permit in divorce as I do have a child (he is not belgium, has eu nationality I dont) but I dont have a work contract & dont have integration exam. We moved for his work.

- I am foreigner from non eu country and we have been married with my partner (eu citizen) for 10 years (marriage in Brazil & registered here).

- Entered country connected to my partner work and have been living here 7 years.

- We have a son (he does not have belgium nationality but is eu citizen).

- My f+ was just issued this week. But was residing here for 7 years under other cards.

Worried by the fact of not having work contract - is having a child enough to secure the f+card/permit? In the divorce agreement we intended to include my partner financial support.

i will work on french fluency now for integration exam following your thread.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Hello. With F+, you surely have no problems if you work or not etc.


I have one question 

when I can.appy f+card when the f card finshed or I can apply before bcz I already work 4 year and now stop living with wife ..now  my f card had a 5 month more


My friend stayed only 1 year in Belgium and have a F Card. Her child is Belgium Nationalise. She's having a Integration and 1.2 diploma. Now she wanted divorce but she didn't work yet. Does her child whom having Nationality secure her to loosing F Card.

Can someone share guidance. Its a humble request

Hi Guys 

I've a question. I've been living in Belgium for 4 years. 2 years as a student and 2 years after marriage. I've applied 2 times for my card but they rejected it. After that i did job as a freenpance on my wifes company. The 2 months ago our appointment came. But they told us that your marriage certifcate got expired you have to get a new one. Then my baby was born in Sep 18th and after 2 days her mom came and we had big fight after which she wants divorce. Now can you tell me what will happen? I'm very worried. My wife said that she hasn't gave my name with my child. Can anybody please guide me on it.

@woodcook .

How did it go with you.i am in the same situation.its now 3 months since I got the new F card in waiting for immigration decision.just wondering.what did they decide?


I am in a marriage with a Belgian citizen but have discovered that my husband has been unfaithful multiple times. Whenever I confront him about this, he becomes somewhat aggressive. I want to seek a divorce. I have a one-month-old child from this marriage, and we've been married for a year and three months. My concern is whether I would be able to maintain my residency in Belgium after the divorce. Additionally, I am worried about the custody of my child and whether we would be forced to return to my home country. What will happen to my residency status in Belgium after the divorce, and how will the custody of my child be determined?

Hello, do you know if your f card becomes invalid immediately after the cohabitation contract ends? Or do they give you a certain time? Can I register at another address?