Visa D Processing Timeline

Hi everyone. Me and my spouse submitted our documents on 16.08 to Vfs Istanbul for Visa D. Vfs informed us on 19.08 that they sent the documents to Belgium Embassy. Please could you write your time period of visa D applications. For example did everyone who submitted documents on july received approvals? How long is the approval period?

We submitted ours at TLS Contact Abuja/Nigeria on 29th July 2022 still waiting for the Visa
With the Turkish people that I have spoken who applied from Turkey they got their long stay D visa for Belgium about 10-15 days on average. From my side I submitted all documents from Dubai to the Belgian Embassy here and just received a message this morning that it's under process in the embassy. I believe it takes an average or 10-15 days depending the country from where you apply.
Family reunion with an EU is 6 months maximum.
Family reunion with non-EU is 9 months and immigration can add 6 months before giving their answer if there are missing documents.

Sometime it's faster, it's a lottery and only if your file is perfect...
Hello i just read you question here send we have the same question,  but for my son 28 years old in the Philippines,  I want also to bring him in Belgium to live with me, what kind of visa qnd  documents you need to send to vfs? Can you please send me message to my fb? Emeil CW
Hello everyone does anyone here help me, I want to bring my son 28 years old here in Belgium,  does someone had experience to take a mrmber of Family from origin country to Belgium?

@AlexFromBelgium sorry, 6 months? Are you sure because for only Visa process this timeline is too long.

@aykutg88 On average (Based on other applicants' feedback in the forum), it takes 4-5 months from the registration date. The registration takes 6 to 8 Weeks from the date of visa application. Based on other people's experience, roughly 5 to 7 months from Visa application.

But the worst-case (or response from the visa office) scenario would be 9 to 15 months for non-EU applicants and 6 to 9 months for EU applicants. It can be even faster than 4-5 months..
Ok, in appearance I should give more details about our process as I don't think we have to wait several months for Visa D. Me and my spouse is going to move to Belgium together. So we prepared and submitted our documents together. My wife received a single permit so she applied single permit visa d and I applied for family reunification visa D. Both of us has employee contracts. So we expect to receive Visa D visas in one month. I hope I could describe my process well.
You should have to explain it from the beginning ;)

Indeed, in the case she receive a single permit and you apply for visa D at the same time to join her, then it will be faster.
But you can consider from 15 days to 2 months. She must be ready to leave first to start working and you'll join her later.
On 20 July, my wife and I applied for a visa. I have single permit and my wife has applied for family reunification. When we checked it from VFS, it says that both of our passports have been processed at the Belgian Consulate since July 22. When we check from nothing comes up. Is it normal for it to take this long?
Hi all, you should understand that each case is different, we applied with my husband on 9th August, and our passports were sent to vfs back on 12 August, just in 3 days!

But we have a house ready which is registered, we have muatelite, and also we made travel insurance, we gave all documents formula a, b, criminal record apostilled. (we are experienced, this is our second family reunion application ) and voila, visa in 3 days. From my experience, I can say that they want to be sure if you will be ok when you arrive to Belgium so they request extra documents or at least they want all documents ready in the list they provide.

If you are doing reunion with a single permit holder at the same time, the process will be shorter, I don't know the maximum time, but if you will do a family reunion after a single permit holder arrive to Belgium, for non-EU it will take up to 9 months and for EU up to 6 months.

I know sharing timeline gives an idea and hope to all of us, but please keep in mind that processes are different for each case and we are still in summer.

All the best 🙏🏼

Hi everyone. We received our visas ( single permit visa d and family reunification visa d together) on 2nd of september. Indeed, on the 17th day of our application. I wish best for everyone.


Hi Everyone,

I am in need of urgent clarification. I am already living in Paris and planned to move Belgium on Visa type D soon. I have an appointment with Belgium embassy next week to submit documents.

My son birth certificate having First name with intials K.XXXXX. I have produced affidavit for France when i applied for visa and they have accepted it.

Can Belgium embassy accepts Affidavit to prove my son's name.

Can someone guide me on this.

Thanks for your answer in advance !

Only the Belgian's embassy can answer that question.

I'd say that it should be ok, but with administration.... you never know :/

Hello krishna15,

Like AlexFromBelgium said

Only the Belgian's embassy can answer that question.

I also think that you should check with the Belgian embassy.

They will have the exact information you are looking for.


Cheryl team


Yesterday I got my work permit, my employer request me to begin the visa application procedure without having the residence permit, is that a right way to proceed?

Yes thats correct


i Am proposing for a visa D now,

The embassy asking for a Mutuelle letter stating my husband and my name on it. My husband have the Mutuelle letter with his name only on it, which is according to the Mutuelle office service it's impossible to state my name because I'm not staying in Belgium at the moment.

can anyone suggest me something?


Buy a Schengen travel insurance for yourself then when you get here he can add you to his mutuelle

You can ask a letter from your employer stating that they will make sure to add your husband's name in the mutuality as soon as he is here. You can also printout the response from mutuality company that the name can be added only once he is here and attach it to your set of documents. To cover the period of travel, you can purchase a travel medical insurance, which is not very expensive. (This is to cover the period of time he wll be traveling to Belgium till he is officially registered in Belgium, get his residence permit and registered in the Belgium mutuality you are part of).

Dear Aneesh, Gamargu,

Thank you for the comments,

(I'm Indonesian and my husband is the EU citizen one)

so Belgium embassy in Indonesia ask me to send “Entete de la Mutuelle” letter to the Mutuelle Neutre Office in Belgium

indeed the Mutuelle Neutre office refuse to state my name under my husband insurance with comment of “I need to be in Belgium physically for them to be able to do that”.

Let me send the response to the Belgium embassy in Indonesia and ask to get travel insurance instead like you guys suggest.

No, as you're married, your partner need to ask his an "attestation de la mutuelle" that you'll be covered once you'll be physically in Belgium. (+ you'll register once you have your national number)

Also meaning between the lines, that he paid everything and is in order of the mutuality.

No, as you're married, your partner need to ask his an "attestation de la mutuelle" that you'll be covered once you'll be physically in Belgium. (+ you'll register once you have your national number)
Also meaning between the lines, that he paid everything and is in order of the mutuality.

he did asked

but The mutuelle neutre Office refused.

then it means he couldn't explain what he wanted...

He must come back and say "my wife is from 3th country, I need a certificate that my wife will be covered once she arrive in Belgium for her visa blablabla "....

I had 0 problem with the neutral mutuelle/Mutualia/Symbio when I did the visa for my partner...

got The attestation letter 😁😁😁

will see the next answer from embassy

thanks for your info Alex

@dindasurel Hi... Did you receive any update on your visa?

Hi all, i have got my spouse visa D for Belgium. Do you know if i need any travel insurance? I already have an attestation from my spouse's emoloyer stating that I will be covered once I am there. Is that enough or I still need a travel insurance?


I applied for visa D with a single permit, then they call me to bring the employment contract and diplomas to the embassy for an interview.

What kind of interview I'm going to have?

Hello guys,

My passport has been still under progress at the consulate in Turkey for the last 8 weeks after I have already waited 3,5 months to obtain WP and Annex 46.

Is there anyone exposed to a similar exceptionally long processing time at the consulate? It would be great to hear from people, who recently managed to obtain back their passports from consulates, how long their visa process took at consulates.

Thanks in advance,

My family reunion visa is APPROVED

My timeline.........

Applied on July 04

Registered on August 16

Additional documents on October 11

Submitted additional documents on Oct.20


I'm so happy and I pray those waiting will also get theirs approved in no distant time.

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie

congratulations 🎉

Hey Jane Ogadi Chikezie,

Congratulations! 1f60d.svg

Thank you for sharing the good news.

We wish you all the best.


Cheryl team

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie after you submit the documents will it be changed the status?

@Dinzy   No it wasn't changed......

Cos as at yesterday it still showed pending receipt of supporting documents.......

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie approved is mean you're visa has been granted, right?

@Dinzy yes

Is it for u to join a spouse?

@Kendy Makere yes