Visa D Processing Timeline

@Jane Ogadi Chikezie jane congratulations 💫,what documents did you share please

How to check online visa status for Belgium. I have applied D visa with sponsorship of my sister working in UN Belgium office and a visa support letter from UN office. Its been 23 days I applied but no news. Can anyone tell me how long it takes.

@belatedaffable0x … g-opvolgen you can track your application on that website

Since February 6th, I have not been able to get an appointment and I cannot get an appointment

Hello everyone,

@yamackadir, Any reason why you are not able to get an appointment?


@Cheryl They say that the slots are closed in ANKARA VFS and we are waiting, we hired a consultant and the consultant cannot make an appointment

Hello.. I live in Italy and have a contract offer as a highly skilled worker in Belgium. My employer applied for single permit and recently I received a work permit; but, in order to apply for a visa D, it is indicated that I must have a full songle permit and a valid Italian residence permit. My Italian residence permit is still valid, but it will expire in a month. Can I apply for a visa D with the work permit only before receiving my Belgian annex 4..?

Has anyone had a similar experience with Belgian visa D policies?


You don't necessarily have to apply a you country of citizenship, you can apply at country of residence, which is, in your case, an Italy. You already have the positive decision about work authorization, so you can apply for D visa in Belgian consulate in Italy.

Alternatively, considering tat you are already in Schengen zone, and don't need access to the territory, you can travel to Belgium, rent an apartment, and ask local municipality (commune) to proceed your application.

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@Taag1 same situation but in France

@Taag1 same situation but in France
[email protected]

How is your situation over there? Did the embassy give you the visa?

@Taag1 I am still waiting for the single permit and my French papers will soon finish 😞

@Cheryl I made an appointment hopefully it won't be a problem I made an appointment on March 16 👌👏

We will be waiting for an update from your side.

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