Processing time for Single permit 2023

Hello all!

I will be starting my postdoc in ULB soon.  My application for the single permit was lodged on 15th June.

Can anyone who has applied for the permit mention their timelines so that I get an idea when can I expect a decision? I am in India and has also have to apply for a visa so I can book an appointment at vfs accordingly.

Thanks a lot!

please go through the forum.. there is a dedicated thread for the single permit processing times for 2023

@arjunprasad2143 I could not find any thread for single permit in 2023. Can you please share the link. Thanks a lot … 70#5703894


I hope you are all doing well.

I was hired by a company, and they assisted me to get my Visa D ( single permit).

But after i got my visa. The company sent me a mail indicating that they will prospone my arrival to belgium to next year because of vacancy shortage

My question is : in my situation, if i find another company we can use my current visa ( come to belgium with my current visa and just get a new work permit ) or should we repeat the whole process (6 months) to get a new visa and come to belgium

Thank you a lot for support

Work authorisation took 1 week, RP took  6 weeks

hi, how about  the progress of your permit?