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Hi, I applied for my Belgium visit visa on 18 March 2019, but still I do not get any kind of response from them. I track my status on vfs website and they are saying that Your visa application has been sent for further assessment by the Embassy/Consulate general of Belgium to the Belgian Immigration Office. They also mentioned that using the file number, I can check on the status of my visa application on the Immigration Office website. However, I am not aware of the process. Please tell me how can I check my status with this number.Suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have filled the Schengen Visa Application form through , you can log-in again and check "My applications".

There you can find your application number: "BEL01100000000000xxxxx" which are the last numbers after all the leading "0".
If you can't find it, or didn't used visaonweb, you can send a mail to the embassy and they'll provide it to you.

Then, you can go on  (only in French or Dutch, through google translate will help you)
You'll need to select the city where you've applied (embassy's one / capital city) and insert your application number.

Good luck!

Hi Alex. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

i am having the same problem here
i entered the code but its still not working can u elaborate more please

Just follow the steps Alex mentioned.

If it doesn't work then it means either your details have not been registered on dofi, just be patient and try again in about one week. In my case I followed the steps Alex already elaborated but never got anything out until my passport was sent to back to me with my visa D. Just be patient. I was too busy to be checking dofi, I checked twice and when I didn't get any info I didn't check anymore.

Best 👍 wishes

I applied for my visa d student private university in mid june 2023. In mid july i got an email that my application has been sent to immigration office. I have tried to track my application via io and nothing shows. I have called them they keep saying they are handling public and highschool. Does anyone has an idea how long this can take or what i can expect?

My uni starts in sept which worries me if the IO will deny my visa because school has started.

thank you in advance

If you can't manage to find it yourself, contact the embassy to know your visa application number.

But basically, files send to Belgium about student visa is never a good sign......... often related to few money support.......

@Adeyola hello how long did it take for you get your passport back in ur hands

Hi, I applied for my Belgium  cohabitation  visa on 15 March 2023  when i checked it IBZ website decision has been given “Agree” on 29th September 2023.

I track my status on vfs website  in Abidjan is still in Process.  I would like to how long will it take for me get my passport back ..

Sharing my story if it helps someone

Applied on 3rd Oct 2023 through VFS Delhi for Belgium business visa. Sent to FPS on 9th Oct (reason seems to be previews tourist visa rejection for Spain). Approved on 23rd October from FPS and I should have my passport back through courier from VFS max by say 26th Oct. Travel date 1st Nov 2023.

Visa granted upon presentation of additional documents - received this for family reunification Visa file sent to FPS. Did anyone else received this in Oct 2023?


Yeah you have to provide the asked documents to proceed your file .



do you know how long it takes before they send you an email about the required document.

  October 12 it was written on the dofi website, that they need extra document but until date, my husband or myself have not received any email.  Tomorrow will make it two weeks.


Normally its too late .. Did you ask ibz about that ?

i received extra document massage on 18 oct and on 23 oct i called to ibz to ask about this . Then they said they already send me a latter on my adress in belgium ..

On 24 oct i received the latter about missing documents then today morning i send them extra documents .

And lest see the result ..

You must call to ibz about that .


please, can you give me the number to call them?


What was the extra documents they asked you?

Hello , Its 024888000 . its help desk contact number . They will asked you your file number and  the country from where you applied your diplomatic post .

Waiting time in between 30 to 45 minutes .

@Nayan Lama

Oh they asked lot of documents from my application date to till now , like all the salary slips ,  statements,  personal expenses, tax on web , working contract and all .


Thank you so much.

i will keep you updated.


Good luck …


how many months salary slips and bank statement did you provide when you have submit your case .

Normally i provided approximately last six months payslips and statement . Like i applied on feb 2023 so from july 2022 till jan 2023 .

@dalvirsandy123 seems you provide the required documents and still they are for more .. and your spouse have long term job contract ??

@Hunny Bini

Yeah i have fixed job and still they asked new documents dont know why ..

@dalvirsandy123 seriously sometimes they behave so weirdly .. still i wish you best of luck .. hope now you get your visa soon ..

@Hunny Bini

Thank you soo much .. but luck is not in my side ..  Because after providing every think they asked for extra documents in 8th month and even i send them yesterday again extra documents then still nothing 😔..  mentally am fed up ..

@dalvirsandy123 yes i can totally understand that  this is not easy to wait for 8 month for no reason and still going on .. and now i am up set too beacuse my husband is also non-eu and i don't know ehat happened to my file and decision and all and this is so disturbing

@Hunny Bini

its really difficult time for every one who's are waiting for their partners .. but yeah everybody's case not same . just want to tell you that be preper for everything so if they ask you someting then you provide them right way without wasting any time .

Exactly thats the thing we can't predict beacuse each and every case is different and there is no pattern. mostly people got response in 3-4 months but there are expection but we don't know what is the reason of dely .

@Hunny Bini

yeah each day there is new hope to hear good soon 😊..

Hi..  whenever we call the IO it keeps saying busy and disconnects the call. The follow up visa section is also not showing any update. Will the status be loaded for all the visa applications?

immigration will take 3-4 week to upload your file from the time sent to them , after that you will be able to check it on https://infovisa.ibz.beReference - … on-process