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Hi, I applied for my Belgium visit visa on 18 March 2019, but still I do not get any kind of response from them. I track my status on vfs website and they are saying that Your visa application has been sent for further assessment by the Embassy/Consulate general of Belgium to the Belgian Immigration Office. They also mentioned that using the file number, I can check on the status of my visa application on the Immigration Office website. However, I am not aware of the process. Please tell me how can I check my status with this number.Suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have filled the Schengen Visa Application form through , you can log-in again and check "My applications".

There you can find your application number: "BEL01100000000000xxxxx" which are the last numbers after all the leading "0".
If you can't find it, or didn't used visaonweb, you can send a mail to the embassy and they'll provide it to you.

Then, you can go on  (only in French or Dutch, through google translate will help you)
You'll need to select the city where you've applied (embassy's one / capital city) and insert your application number.

Good luck!

Hi Alex. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

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