BNL 2, B14


I was just wondering what does BNL 2, B14 means in the remarks section of my type D belgian visa. Is than BeNeLux? Im planning to visit Netherlands but my pink ID (residence card) is not released yet. Is my visa sufficient to enter NL??

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Normally yes.. You may send an email to Dutch consulate/embassy for confirmation..

BNL 2 : visa issued ex officio
BNL 2 : visa délivré d'office

B14 : articles 9 et 13 de la loi du 15 décembre 1980 - séjour limité à la durée du permis de travail prolongée d'1 mois.

If Schengen visa then OK to visit NL. It depends on the kind of visa you have. BNL has nothing to do with Benelux

More info on these codes: … 011_EN.pdf

My visa is just like this....

valid for : belgie

Not schengen state. Does that mean that I need to apply for schengen visa?

If valid only for Belgium then not valid for the Netherlands. You'll have to check with the NL consulate

I agree to Sonny.... Schengen Visas will read "ETATS SCHENGEN" instead of BELGIQUE in the "VALID FOR" section.

My visa is the same, D and valid for Belgique. I asked the Embassy and they said I will be able to travel to other Schengen states once I have the "id" which I will get after registering myself in the commune. I can travel for 90 days within 6 months to France for example, and then return to Belgium.

Yes.. I think it is time to correct my earlier post... … 810:EN:NOT     

From what I read from these sources.. … -2010.aspx … durata.htm

You can travel freely inside Schengen area with the D type visa even if it says only "BELGIQUE", while waiting for your Residence Permit :)

Hi Peeps - My Visa says 'BNL2 B18' which means 'valid for six months'. Now the question - My Work permit is valid for 1 year. Would I be able to extend my current visa beyond six months or will I have to re-apply?

After you enter Belgium, you register in the local office.. They issue you a Belgian id (pink one - for the foreigners). It is called residence permit issued with a duration of 1 year validity minimum. Once you have the residence permit, it overrides your visa..

I wonder if you could help me with some questions. :D
I'm supposed to attend to a training in Belgium. I already have a business visa but the training will not push through. Since I already have a business visa, I wanted to just use for vacation instead:
1. Would this be ok? Will there be problems during entry?
2. In the notice that I received from the embassy, it says,"If you obtained a visa to travel to Belgium for professional reasons,please do not forget to first check with the company or organisation that invited you if you are authorised to exercise professional activity in the country as well."
But I will not be reporting to the company for the training is cancelled.
3. I only indicated Belgium in my visa application, but since this will be a holiday instead of business trip, I plan to also go to Spian via flight and Paris via train. I already have a schengen business visa so this should not be a problem but I just want to make sure.

Thanks for your time and help!

If its a business visa, its very highly likely that the immigration officer will ask for an invitation letter or a proof to show that you are here on official purposes.

Do I need to visit the company where I'm supposed to have my training? Or the hotel where I'm staying can do the local registration?

For short visits, I dont think you have to do a local registration...

Many thanks!
Im a bit hesitant 'coz this would be my first EuroTrip. :D

Hi Good day! I was wondering if I can travel Netherlands since I have Type D Visa which is said Valid for Belgium. And I already register at the commune for my residence permit. And I received a paper from the commune which is Attestation it said. But can I travel Netherlands while waiting for the issuing of my id card?

Hoping for the response. And a big help from you. Thank you very much! God bless