Single Permit Processing in 2022

@Brahim Nouressalem Medical certificate which was not apostiled.

@Husi123 yeah, I am hoping the same. they asked to submit within 15 days.

@ismtbgy My employer has applied it for me.

@atakanyozgat0666 Hi did you got your RP please ?

@Brahim Nouressalem Not yet, hopefully by this week.


My timeline
Region - Flanders

Date of application- 26 April
WP - 4 May
Single Permit - 5 July

Good luck everyone....

@brahim Nouressalem not yet

Date of application- 26 April

WP - 6 May
Single Permit - 5 July

@ledio82 which region?

Hi All,

I am Turkish Citizen and got an offer from a company in Belgium. My company applied for work permit for me last month. Once I get the work permit approval, I am going to apply for RP with my family via VFS Global in Turkey. How could I find the required documents list for my dependents' application?

It would be great if you could help me.

Many thanks,

@Meric Erdeviren Flanders

@bernaberkay hi Berna. You can reach it from vfs global website for Belgium, required documents, when you are applying for visa d application.
Also you can check this link [link under review]
Anyone knows how to book visa appointment in Sofia Bulgaria?
Hello all,

I have heard that those that currently live in Belgium and have a valid stay permit from a previous employer can start their work without obtaining Annex 46 and after obtaining the WP.
Is that correct?


@Nimaaaaooo yes, this is correct. Once your new WP is issued, you can already start with your new employer while waiting the RP. But you need first to have respected the notice period and officially resigned from your previous employer.

Dear all,

Update here.

Flanders Region. Change of employer.

Date of application: 01-Apr-2022
Working permit:  01-Jun-2022
Residential permit (Annex 46): 05-Jul-2022

Good luck to everyone!!!
Dear all,
Update here.

Flanders Region. 

Date of application: 28-Mar-2022
Working permit:  19-Apr-2022
Residential permit (Annex 46): 06-Jul-2022

Good luck to everyone :)
My timeline

Region: Brussels
Application: 24 May 2022
WP: No Update (My employer told they will give status post 6 weeks)
RP: Waiting

Anyone has similar timeline can share your status
- @kriznaonline

Update :
Region: Brussels
Application: 24 May 2022
WP: 07th June
RP: Waiting

Anyone has similar timeline can share your status
Region Brussels:

Application: 17 May
WP: 25 May (but notified a week later?)
RP: Waiting

Anyone in Brussels with a recent update please share your timeline.
@ChandlerBing I do have similar timeline for Brussels.
Application Date: 13 May
WP: 24 May
RP: Waiting
@ledio82 your employer could help you also with booking an appoitment for visa application, and waiting time could be less than 2 weeks.
Flas nga eksperienca.

@ledio82 when checking on ur timelime.. my wp approved on May 10, can I expect my single permit next week ??

@Krishna.Kumar1 I think yes

Hello all,

Here is my timeline:

Application: 1. July
WP: _____
@Krishna.Kumar1 we have the same timeline. My WP was approved on 11 May.
I hope we can get the RP by next week. I had an appointment on VFS Global for 20th of July.
If I miss it there seems like no appointment slots open for a while (in our country). I don't know why.
Hi my timeline

App:29 April
WP:6 May

@ledio82 New application or renewal?

@patiltush new

Hi All,

My timeline is as below-
Region - Flanders
Application date - 11th Apr 22
WP received- 28th Apr 22
RP - still Waiting

Can anyone please confirm if you have same timeline..

what to do after getting Annex 46? I believe I should get the Annex 49 to start working.
In Ixelle, should I email the foreigner's office or directly make an appointment via the website for residency A application? The problem is that the first available time is in September, does this mean I won't be able to work until then? or can I already start working using Annex 46?
Hi, you can call your local commune or just take an appointment and drop by. They give you annex 49 on the same day.
With annex 46 normally, you can also start working as I know but call your commune to check.

Update for my timeline:

Region: Wallonie
APP: 20.04.22
WP: 25.04.22
SP: 07.07.22

Good luck to all!
Once Single Permit received and we go to embassy, consulate or VFS what type of visa we need to apply? There two options which are single permit and work permit on VFS and I am very confused. Does anyone knows the answer? Thank you
@Meric Erdeviren Hi!
I think "Single permit" for employees and "Professional card" for self-employed
@Meric Erdeviren you can choose work permit visa. It actually doesn't really matters.
Btw, would you be able to find slots to make a reservation? Because last time I check there were no available slots.

@ismtbgy thank you. I haven't received my single permit yet however I am applying from Dubai. I am somehow have the feeling to receive single permit during this month hence wanted to check the first week of august for the visa part

@leonidk thank you

Hi everyone!

Please feel free to delete this if I'm posting in the wrong place, but I have the following question:

My employer is going to apply for my single permit. If I'm coming from a country that doesn't need a visa to enter Belgium, do I still need to apply for a visa after my SP is issued? Or can I enter Belgium with a tourist visa and collect SP from the commune?


@jacklob Hello, I think you still need to apply for a long-term VISA. You cannot enter Belgium on as a toursit and then ask for a residence permit at the commune.

if you're Latvian you're EU... you don't need a work permit to work in Belgium...
If you're non-EU, then you'll need a worker visa even if you've a visa-free passport to come as a tourist.