Single Permit Processing in 2022

I have almost the same Timeline but still waiting, no response.

@katysharma No not yet , i think the process now for getting the Annex46 is taking about 10 weeks from the day you get your WP approval.

@katysharma What about you ?

Hello, I need an emergency question, anyone who have an Idea would be a huge help.

My single permit is finished,
I am already in Europe, do I. need to go to my home country, get a visa and come back ?

Can I just go to the Belgium and stay/work with my single permit ?

@burak karaomer You waited for the deadline to ask the forum? Interesting.

No, my employer forgot to inform me, it looks like I didn't heard about updates.
Flanders Region

Application: 6 April

WP: 22 April

RP/Annex 46: 27 June

Good luck to everyone
Hey everyone,

Finally my RP also has arrived!

My timeline is as follow

Region: Flanders
Application submitted : 5th April 22
Work permit issued: 22nd April 22
Annex 46 issuance: 27th June 22.

Good luck to all!
Hi everyone,

Apparently, I got the work permit 2 days later we applied and I'm still waiting for residency.

App: 9th May
WP: 11th May
RP: Still waiting..
When you received the final approval, how many files did you receive?
I just received a 2 slides pdf file from my employer.
Today I went to the embassy for visa application, I submitted the file (2 slide pdf file), but they said there is no work permit.
@sunlengfei1020 as per my understanding you supposed to receive 3 files
- work permit
- residence permit
- single permit
@Meric Erdeviren

Thanks for your information.
My employer didn't send the work permit to me!!They sent the single permit only!

Anyway, I ask them for the work permit.
So far, many troubles happened due to the employer's miss.

Is the resident permit necessary somewhere?

@sunlengfei1020 i am not sure as I am waiting my single permit but with all I did understand is the employer is supposed to send those 3 pdf but technically if you have your single permit it means that you have received work and residence permit. I believe only employer can give you all details

Pardon me if I have posted it in wrong place.

My single permit renewal is in process. However, with current processing delays from the immigration office, it is is expected that it will be due after the expiry of my existing residence permit. I can request for temporary residence extension from the commune. However, it is observed that the dependent spouse may lose  work authorization rights during this temporary extension. Since the residence card of spouse is obtained after the main applicant receives his/her own card, the expected delay could be more than a month. This can cause the spouse to lose the job just because of this temporary non authorization of work.

Does anybody have a clarity on this. Is there an alternative so that the spouse does not lose the work authorization?
@Meric Erdeviren

Today I asked my employer and they gave me the work permit. In addition to the single permit (annex 46), the total is two files. They said no file for the residence permit.

I am not sure neither. Hope you will get the SP soon.

@sunlengfei1020 all the best. I hope all will go well now.

@Brahim Nouressalem
Oh 10 weeks is long!!!
No I didn't recieve my annex 46 yet.
Anyone doing their SP through pwc ?

@Raj6315 hi, they are processing my application with PwC

@ismtbgy what is pwc

@Varsha Vasudevan26, it's one of the Big 4 (EY, PwC, KPMG, and Deloitte) Consulting Companies!

PwC = PriceWaterhouse Cooper

Application: 21 April
WP: 25 Mai
RP/Annex 46: Still waiting

Anyone has a similair timeline
@yahia2zakour Hi, I have a similar timeline,
Appplication: 19 April
WP: 25 May
Still waiting the RP, most probably by the second half of July (hopefully 2 more weeks only).
Sorry m'y timeline
Application 21 april
WP 25 april

@Husi123  wp: May 10. Still waiting for sp. Flanders region. Expecting single pemit this week.

İ have a similar Timeline
Uygulama:29 Nisan
WP:6 Mayıs
It seems like everyone is in similar timelines and everyone is waiting for residency. I wonder why it takes too long to get the residency


Application: 28 April
WP: 4 Mai
RP/Annex 46: Still waiting
@Mukesh Sahu

Hi Mukesh,

Yes, I have received my RP on 21st June.
Hi guys ,

i received the privacy notice mail on 10 june , and still now i didnt get my WP.
Anyone has the same timeline ?

I had the same issue when first applied for WP.
I would suggest you to ask your legal firm to check the updates.

@firat44 Hello did you get your rp?

@Yang Xiao64 Hello did you get your rp?

@Rolexx Hi did you get you RP please ?

@Yang Xiao64
Hi , did you recieve your annex 46 yet? Thanks!
Region: Flanders
Application: 28 March
WP: 18 May
RP/Annex: Waiting
Hi All, there is a situation here. The application was submitted on 28March2022 and we received the confirmation on the same day. WP was approved in April2022. on 23June2022 (almost after 2 months) we received email from Belgian gov that a document is missing from our end for SP. we submitted that yesterday (4Jul2022). Can someone suggest how much time they will take to verify the document and when we will receive the SP? does anyone has same situation or experience?

@Ankita Chaturvedi3 Can you tell us please what is the missiong document ?

@Ankita Chaturvedi3 For the WP, I also had to submit some extra documents. Processing the additional document took less than a week and the WP was approved. So, I would say after resubmission, it would take a week or maximum two weeks

@Ankita Chaturvedi3 which legal advisor you are applying with?