Single Permit Processing in 2022

I have a valid residence permit since I am a student but It was the first time that I applied for a WP and RP.
Where is this rule written?


I've been checking this forum out, so I want to share my timeline too

First-time application

Region: Wallonie
no-reply mail Date: 23 June
WP: 24 June
SP: still waiting

Region Flanders
Fresh Application Date 21/3/22
Work permit approved on 22/6/22
Waiting for RP

Any other having same timeline ????

My timeline;

Region: Wallonie
no-reply mail Date: 15 June
WP: 21 June
Annex 46: waiting

@serdary4  any idea how long time they will take from here ?


I think RP will be issued by end of August latest. I calculated the average days between WP and RP and the result is 71 days. It is better to take into account this average to take vfs global appointment.

ahnnnnn let's see i am expecting it to come around mid August also i  have got the appointment for VFS global on 30th August... 🤞Do update once you receive your

Our WP dates are so close I hope we'll get our RP soon.
As per observation from the date of the work permit approval - is around 10 weeks
@Meric Erdeviren
My work permit has been approved. It has been sent to the Foreign Office for RP on June 24th.
I have been waiting for Annex 46 to arrive since June 24th.

@Meric Erdeviren we submitted the application on 9th of May. My work permit has been approved on 11th of May, and I'm still waiting for the residency :)

Flanders At this moment they are handling applies whiich arrived around the 15th of June 2022.

@Amir Askri for work approval or annex 46 ???? 

@ismtbgy yeah me too. Work permit approved on the 20 May and today has been 62 days from that date. Expecting as well to receive at the soonest as have taken appointment with Belgium embassy mid august

yeah me too. Work permit approved on the 20 May and today has been 62 days from that date. Expecting as well to receive at the soonest as have taken appointment with Belgium embassy mid august
I had an appointment with the embassy yesterday and I delivered all the documents except residency :)
and I kindly wrote a letter to explain the situation and ask for some time to retrieve the residency permit.
otherwise, the closest appointment from the embassy is 6 weeks later than the day you register from vfs global.
I know it's a bit tricky but i wanted to take my chances.
let's see what will happen.
@ismtbgy what happened during your VFS appointment? did they agree to wait till you get the RP ? or you need to book new appointment again?
@kriznaonline they accepted all the documents I've provided. I clearly said that I'm missing a document. They also said that for the missing document, the embassy will contact me to request the document. but the main point was, that I've provided all the documents with 3 copies and a letter explaining why I'm missing the required document.
you can also get this information from the VFS Global website, the required document list. there is a section that says, if you are missing a document, provide information on why you are missing the document.
Hi all is it necessary to apostle medical certificate ? As in few cases i have noticed here that to approve RP immigration have asked for apostle medical certificate must reply it can be useful and time saver for me and other as well ☺️ (Specially who processing from India )

@anoopdangwal786 Hi, yes if the certificate is made outside Belgium and the EU, I think it should be legalized at the embassy of your country before you send it to your employer.

Hi dear. What do you mean from "apostle"?
You can send the scan of medical certificate for the immigration office. It's enough and it doesn't need to legalised.
Good luck 😊

@anoopdangwal786 hello, only criminal record should be apostiled.

Okay thanks for your response i have sent only scan copy of all the documents and so far they didn't ask for anything in apostle now they have shared my application with immigration for RP let's hope that they also don't ask for anything in apostle.

You are right. Only the the criminal record must be apostilled for the wp and rp.
Hi can you guys share the immigration contact details over here ! Need to ask regarding annexe 46 !

@anoopdangwal786 unfortunately sending them an email will not help. They are so busy that you receive an automatic message saying it would take 4 days for them to give you an answer. When they reply they will tell you that and if they do they can not provide those information which is understandable noting the number of applications.

@Meric Erdeviren thanks 👍


I got my annexure 46, but the visa appointment available with Belgium embassy in Paris on 20th September.

As i am already in schengen country, will it possible to start the work early in belgium. for the temporary stay address in visa application, how many days approximately have to show in visa application??

can someone share this information

Could you please share your timeline?

Region: Flanders

Application date : 29th June
WP: waiting
RP: waiting

@ismail ousji, hey, are you Nigerian? If so, can we connect?

@TarikBas  my application was done on the same day. Any update ?

@TarikBas any updates ?

For those who got their WP in the last week of May, could you update us if annex 46 was granted?
I am still waiting for mine. I am hoping to get it this week.

@Husi123 I got my wp 11 May. Still waiting for Annex 46. No news yet..

@corporateminorista i m from Tunisia


Annex 46/ RP: July 20th

Thanks to everyone. I hope you take it immediately.

@mehmetfirattt41 timeline?

Hi All,

My timeline is as below-
Region - Flanders
Application date - 11th Apr 22
WP received- 28th Apr 22
RP - 18th July 22

Best luck to all !!!

@sachinjadhav00  congratulations 👏 good luck