Single Permit Processing in 2022

Update for my timeline:
Application date :26 April
WP: 5 May
SP :11 July
Good luck to all
It seems like the single permit is now issues 10 weeks after the work permit has been issued.

Congratulations. Which region?
i receive the no replay  mail about privacy notice on 10 june , and still now i dont have any update about the WP in brussels region.
Morever , After getting the WP , are you sending your resignation from your current job or its not necessary in the process?

@KHAOULA1234 The WP can take 1.5 months. If you are changing employers in Belgium, then they might request you to send the resignation letter of the previous employer.

Hi,my Timeline:
Region: Vlaander
App:29 Aprıl
wp:6 May
Rp:Still waiting
Recently I received a message from the relocation company that is in charge of my WP and RP that says:

The Flemish Employment Ministry has confirmed that as of now an assignee for whom a renewal application (including cases with the change of employer ) was filed can physically start working based on their previous valid ID card.

It means there is no need to wait for annex 46 after obtaining the WP.

Is that correct?

I appreciate any kind of help...

@Nimaaaaooo Hello, yes this is true. If you were already working in Belgium and you are changing employer, then you can start with the new employer when the new WP is issued while waiting annex 46.

@Husi123 Thanks for your reply,
Do you know when and where they have stated this new rule since the guy who is in charge, said that this has recently been announced?

Thank you in advance.

Region: Flanders
Application date: 15th April
Work permit : 6th May
Annex 46: 6th July

Good luck to everyone!

I've been checking this forum out, so wanted to pay back.

First time application

  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Region: Brussels
  • Application Date: 4 April
  • WP: 26 April
  • SP: 13 July

The only problem is that VFS does not have appointment slots for Type D Visa applications lately. My SP application was off by a week from my initial VFS application appointment on 6 July. Last time I checked (26 June), the earliest time slots were 1.5 months ahead. Considering this, I'll be waiting for quite some time still.

Best of luck to everyone!
About the VFS appointment, you can e-mail the Belgium embassy to see if they could arrange an appointment at VFS
Make sure you add the documents at E-mail so they know you started already and need "urgently" an appointment :)

@Avalu wow, do u think this would really could be useful? Because I'm in the same situation as with the previous post and unfortunately I can't find new appointment as well.

Sorry, to ask again, but the answer is important to me.

I want to know when the Ministry of employment has announced that people with a valid residence permit can start their work after obtaining WP without waiting for SP.

I would be grateful if you send me the link showing this information.

@ismtbyu I don't see why it won't work since I experience it first hand :)

So just email them and explain the long waiting time.
If there is a spot,they will fix one within 2-3 weeks.
If not, then not? No harm done with trying :)

BUT make sure you give them all the information at the email (Screenshot of long waiting time / your reason / etc)
At my case, I show them my marriage declaration with a date
Hi my Timeline:
App:29 april
Wp:6 May
RP:14 July
Good luck to everyone.

@atakanyozgat0666  congratulations

Region: Flanders
Application: Renewal
Date: 13 June
WP: 14 July
RP: Possibly in 2 months.
Hi Members,

What's the average time now a days Brussels region is taking to process SP?


@Ajmal Hasan just to give you an opinion, I applied on 9th May 22, still waiting

@Ajmal Hasan what's your timeline?

I received
No reply 'single permit' - April 28
WP - May 1st week
RP - Waiting

Any idea went can't i receive my Annex 46?
I received
No reply 'single permit' - April 28
WP - May 1st week
RP - Waiting

Any idea went can't i receive my Annex 46?
- @tristan pepito

Hi,were same time of processing the application,but me still waiting for the result
App: 31 March
Wp: 28 April
RP: 18 July
Good luck to everyone.
Renwal or new application?

@Edisonnazeraj New application

@Nimaaaaooo congratulations! Do you know the reason why the annex 46 took that long? Were there missing documents in your application?

@Husi123 No I don't know. No missing document.
Maybe because I already have a valid residence permit.
3 months ago the relocation company said that I need to wait for annex 46 after obtaining WP and just 2 weeks ago they said "since the immigration office is very busy at the moment they announced that you can start your work with your previous valid residence permit" (I asked them for a reference but they didn't respond, I asked here you responded that it is correct).
I didn't manage to find any reference for this claim.
I would be grateful if you help me to find a reference for this. If this role is there for a long time so the relocation company caused a 3-month delay in my starting date.

@Nimaaaaooo If it is a new application (first time application), then you cannot start working before you get the annex 46. Only if you are changing employer and you have a valid residency then you can start working with the new employer when the WP is issued and before getting annex 46.

@gurugu why didn't you arrange your appointment before you receive single permit? I think you could predict your approval date approximately. For example my spouse sent documents and started the process on 10th may for single permit and we arranged our Vfs appointment for middle of august on june. Of course our appointments are on the same date.


App: 10 May
Wp: 3 June
RP:  Waiting
Good luck to everyone.
New Update, Just received my Annex 46 today.

@Gamargu Timeline?

@Gamargu congratulations

Region: Brussels
Privacy Notice Email: 19th May 2022
Work Permit: 15th June 2022
Residence Permit: 19th July 2022
@Meric Erdeviren

@Gamargu Congratulation. You got your RP too early as compared to others, even my WP approved on 3rd June but still waiting for RP.

I was surprised too, I was anticipating mid to ending of August based on the timelines posted in this thread.