Single Permit Processing in 2022

@sunlengfei1020 hi. For which region have you seen that? Can you please share the full link of the article? As no way to open it. Thank you


I received my WP on March, 28 and still no updates.
Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for your advice here. I am currently in Belgium as a student and my residence permit is expiring at the end of June. I was granted the WP on the 28th of March, yet no updates have been received since then. As my current student residence permit is expiring, I am wondering if there is a process to extend it while the Single permit is being reviewed?

Thank you all for your kind help!
App date: March 29

WP: April 13

SP: Still waiting

Over 9 weeks since application date.

Any one got similar time line and got his SP?


@krosh I think it is possible to just overstay your current residence permit until the new one is granted. However, you cannot leave the Belgian territory. For more accurate information, it is better to contact the city hall where you live.

May today be the day where all of us receive positive and good news 🙏
Has anyone received there RP/Annex 46 in this week? My WP was approved 19 April. I still have to get back to Belgium as I'm still in South Africa due to my papers not being on time when I did my application.

Really stressed out of my mind as I start working 1 July and the process in South Africa it also a 2 to 3 week process.

@Meric Erdeviren 

It seems the copy of link did not work here.
The link is:

@Meric Erdeviren 

Even I input the URL by hand, it does not work. I guess it is blocked by this site.

You can google by “ single permit for foreign workers Belgium”, then you can see a web from That is it! 


Thanks for your sharing.

Sad to hear that. Even you got your WP one week earlier than me.

Hope your can get it soon. Good luck^_^

@sunlengfei1020 thank you. Will definitely have a look. I believe the most stressing and waiting part is the residence permit followed but the visa application in the embassy depending from where you apply. Let's all hope for the best.



I received my Annex 46 on 27th May. It was approved on 20th May itself but lawyers have sent it to me late. Good luck for your Annex 46.


Can you please share your timings?

Thanks for your information.
I haven't received mine.

@dk101 congratulations 🎊

Region: Brussels

Applied: 17th May, received data email same day

WP: 31 May

SP: waiting

Question - Once SP is received which visa type D do I need to apply for? Work Permit or Single Permit?

@ChandlerBing we have pretty much the same timeline, I also applied for Brussels from abroad and waiting for work permit. Once you receive your work permit as per my understanding you will receive 3 files, work permit, residence permit and single permit copy. Your employer is supposed to send it to the embassy of your country of residence. You make appointment for your visa and you submit documents and you wait for them to stamp your passport with a D long stay visa. Once you arrive to Brussels you will have to go to your commune of residence where you will stay to receive the real work permit


Hi, do you have any update? It is really difficult to read the processing time for RP.

I am still waiting.


I am still waiting for my RP. What is your timeline?

Thanks for your reply.

App date: March 16

WP: April 7

@sunlengfei1020 : Was it in flanders or Brussels ?

It is flanders.
Any new timeline submitted in April - May?

No update for me yet
For applications submitted in April-May, Have you received the email from about the data privacy notice? If yes, after how many days of filing the application?

@patiltush my application have been applied and submitted on the 13th May and same day received the privacy mail. My work permit have been granted on the 24th May and now waiting for resident permit which I do not know how long it would take. This is for a fresh application for Brussels from abroad


I applied on the 22nd of April And received the privacy mail by the 26 of April.
@Meric Erdeviren thanks Meric for the explanation.

Although I am still not clear which visa type D appointment. When I go to make an appointment I am required to pick one but i dont know which is the correct one… “Work Permit” or “Single Permit” ?

Another question - while we wait for for the long term and all permits to be completed fully, can we visit using short-term visa?
I am not sure about your last question about while waiting using short term visa for visiting. I mean I believe if you have your work permit and waiting for your resident permit. Both work and resident permit equal to single permit. Once you have it I am sure your employer will guide you on which type D to select.
Hello Everyone,

Flanders Region


Application Date: 16/02/2022

WP : Still Waiting

RP : Still Waiting

My Employer told me that now they will start with a labour market research to be sure that there is no other employee that can fit. What does it meant ? İs it a bad news ?

Did anyone experienced this ? or is my case is an exception ?

It has been nearly 4 months.. is it normal to wait that much ?

Kind Regards

It Is Single Permit.You can see that it is the right visa due to in the necessary documents they ask your annex, which is the single permit.

Is there a website / link wherein one can check the status of the WP application ?


@burak karaomer no it just means they making sure that a Belgium person does not fit the job and that they could rather employ one of there own people.

It's standard process.


Flanders Region

Applied on 17/02/2022

WA: 31/03/2022

Annex 46: 20/05/2022

@Kristani1989 So this process for Work Permit approval right ? nothing to do with the residence.

@dk101 What is the reason that the annex 46 takes more than a month, I thought it make take maximum one month to be issued?


Mine was also the same Time yet waiting for RP part, would like to know is there any tentative timeline for Residence approval for Brussels region because now its more than a month I am waiting for RP Approval.

@burak karaomer But the explanation for Single Permit visa states that it is if you are moving to join family members. The Work Permit visa application describes itself as if you are going to belgium for work over 90 days?

@burak karaomer But the explanation for Single Permit visa states that it is if you are moving to join family members. The Work Permit visa application describes itself as if you are going to belgium for work over 90 days?

- @ChandlerBing

Once you have all documents needed to apply for visa, the person who received single permit, will apply for visa category "Visa D Work (More than 90 days ) UNIQUE PERMIT". Dependents to this person will use the category "Family Reunion spouse worker art 10 ".