Doctor's Salary in Kuwait

1- What is the salary scope for doctors in Kuwait for both (MoH & Private ).

2- Is it qualification dependent? i.e from which country you obtained your qualification ( like in Saudi Arabia) etc?

3- What is considered '' an excellent salary'' for doctors

1-It depend for ex bachelor degree in the (MoH 1950 Kd for Kuwaiti,up1000 non kuwaiti & Private   Kuwaiti can not work  without Experience ,non kuwaiti  up700 Kd .But,not east to find job).

2-In bachelor degree It does not matter in which plug I studied,
If you specialize in medicine, for example, MA or PhD 
The country significant like Germany,Canada,USA and Etc.

3-If look for the highest for doctors in Oil company and Military hospitalز

Thank you very much for your reply.

How did you know all this? are you a doctor yourself?

Are there military hospitals ? how many?

How can someone apply for jobs as a doctor in Kuwait?

I have have heard that there is a lot of Expat departures since COVID19 is this is correct?

Do you any big names for oil companies OR military hospitals who would like to hire Doctors from England?

There are one military hospital in Sabhan.

you can apply for the jobs in the ministry of defence.

It is true,But, they Cosmtic  doctors because many private clinc closed and some dentist
in private clinics.

you can apply online for Kuwait oil comany  doctor job ,They Usually they look for specialist doctors

DO you have names or websites sir :)?

will appreciate it if you can provide names, website, telephone NO. etc for these hospitals :) … tment.aspx
this for kuwait oil company

Thank you so much sir

Do you know how to apply for assistant registrar in MOH

There are two ways.
1-contracts they usually prefer doctors from India,Syrian and Egypt
2-Nomination of a senior official in the ministry.
3-Rare specialties can apply online.

Could you tell me more details about this contract.
Like how long will the contract be, will there be Visa transfer, the salary and working hours.

long usually 3-4  years and you can stay more.

will there be Visa transfer,I do not understand this question.But.
If you work in MOH you can work afternoon in private hospital or clinic.

The salary depend on your CV Doctor,Bachelor,Master,PHD,How long experince
,Work in hospital or clinic.Also,some doctors take bonus by teaching in University.

Working Hours
Dentist 8-9 am to 1 pm  or 3 pm to 7-8 PM

Hospital 8 am -to 1 pm  and Sometimes work extra from 4-8 pm extra money

PHD usually come one full day from 7-8 am to 3-4 pm and two days come 2-3 hrs

By Visa transfer what I meant is If we are 22 no. Visa I.e. family visa will they transfer it and issue a work permit .
Thank you for your reply🙂

Di you know the procedure for driving license for doctors