Teaching YE at EPG

Hi everyone! I've been offered a job as a EY teachers in Kuwait in a school called the English playground. However, I've read terrible reviews on the internet - I'm terrified now!!! Should I accept or not? Has anyone worked there? Could you please share with me your opinions? Thank you very much.

Have seen the school before here in Kuwait, unless they have soo many schools here and there. If the job is legit, why not, ignore all the negative stories on the Internet, as a matter of fact, teaching job is lucrative here in Kuwait..

Thank you Tunde! Do you know anyone who works/has worked at EPG?

Well, first of all it depends on the contract (terms & conditions), these days and cuz of the pandemic, everythings are online and maybe they will return by Sep. 2021 depends on the situation, I have heard that they are offering good package (salary), however you can ask them all information before accepting anything and come here, like accommodation, transportation, net salary, end of service indemnity, which artical etc...

Good luck 👍

@Jessica Nicole Tonellato Hi!

If you decided to relocate to Kuwait and was provided accommodation whilst working at EPG would you be able to give me some information regarding your initial query as I am currently in the same situation.

Thank you!
I believe it is called the English Play Group, not play ground.

I knew a teacher there but she passed away unfortunately, the only other person i can think of left it a long time ago.
teaching there is not an easy job, one must be able to understand that there are people from different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. their cultural norms and their experiences are different from what we might expect. or we might surprise them in some manner in handling with things. the best thing to do is to talk general and teach only if you have field experience in the subject which demonstrates that you do have good understanding of your experience. they keep following up and they gain a brilliant experience in the class and where they will have issues they will ask questions. your expertise if you really have experience in it then you will be able to answer all the questions to let them understand the subject which is getting things complex in their minds.

@Jessica Nicole Tonellato Hi Jessica, did you end up going - and what was your experience? Thanks

Hi did you get the job. If you did you already have your own views...... If you are considering I can put you in touch with someone who can answer your questions from personal experience