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Finding work in Kuwait
Updated by vera2019 on 30 April, 2020

The ease of finding work in Kuwait will vary greatly depending on your field of interest. The majority of expats entering Kuwait have applied for and accepted a position from their home country. Most companies conduct interviews via Skype or a similar application. In some cases, a company will invite highly qualified candidates to visit Kuwait for additional in-person interviews. Once the company makes you an offer, and you accept it, the process of becoming an expat begins.

Finding work in Kuwait

Finding work in Kuwait can be done in several ways. Like most other countries, many companies advertise their open positions within online job searches. A Google search for your area of expertise should turn up many employment websites. Jobs can also be found by word of mouth within social groups or forums. Locals are given priority for any government positions, so if you are interested in working for the government, it is highly recommended that you know someone in your area of expertise who can recommend you for the position. Fluency in Arabic is also required for most work within the public sector. Before applying for a job, consider getting a free CV review at TopCV.

Signing a contract

When you are offered a position, you will need to sign a contract with the company. This will vary widely depending on the company and type of position. Please note that a typical work week in Kuwait is six days and 48 hours. If the contract is only provided in Arabic and you are not fluent, you should request an English copy of the contract. If the company is unable to provide one, take the Arabic contract to a reliable translation company before signing it.

Work visa considerations

In the majority of cases, as an expat, it is illegal to work for a company without the company holding your visa. If you are changing jobs from another position in Kuwait, your visa will have to be transferred to your new company. If you entered the country on a family visa (under your spouse, for example), the company should begin the process of transferring your visa to them. Otherwise, in the event of a government inspection, it is possible you could face fines, imprisonment, or deportation if you are found to be working without a proper work visa.

Setting up your business in Kuwait

If you like to begin a business in Kuwait as an expat, there are many legalities to consider. First, every business must have a local Kuwaiti partner. This partner is not required to participate financially in the business but they must hold the majority interest, and therefore control of the company ' they are free to shut down the business at any time. New reforms are being considered to allow exceptions to the majority interest holding local requirement. However, there are currently no mainstream exceptions.

Like most business start-ups, regardless of the country, extensive research into the business legalities is required. When considering beginning a business in Kuwait the local culture, market conditions, and competition must be carefully explored. It is also highly favourable to have a substantial amount of money ready for investment from a source outside of a local bank.

Businesses in Kuwait are required to have a physical commercial address and therefore cannot be run from your home or any residential address. It is necessary to work with a lawyer throughout the entire process of opening a business.

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