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Study in Kuwait
Updated 2017-09-18 15:11

Kuwait is home to eleven universities and colleges. Some of these universities are specialised, such as Gulf University for Science and Technology, College of Aviation Technology, and the Kuwait Maastricht Business School. Similar to other countries, the college or university you chose will be based on your desired program of study as each university offers a different selection of majors.

Universities and degrees in Kuwait

Popular degrees include Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems, Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media, English, Graphic Design, International Relations, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

International students in Kuwait

Although Kuwait is not a popular study-abroad destination, it is possible to study at Kuwaiti universities as an international student. To become an international student in Kuwait, you will need a student visa. After acceptance to the university, the admissions office will issue a visitor visa while they process the student visa, which should be completed within 30 days. Admission will require two official high school or university transcripts in sealed envelopes, and the original high school diploma. All students will be required to purchase health insurance per Kuwaiti law. The student can choose whether they would like the government health insurance plan or a private insurance plan.

Good to know:

Some of the universities offer exchange programs with sister universities in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. These programs include both summer study and full semester exchanges.

Admission requirements

The majority of students attending universities in Kuwait are Kuwaitis and expats already living in Kuwait. All students go through the same admission application process, which is available online for most universities. Requirements vary but typically require a high school grade point average of at least 2.0 and proficiency in the English language.

If the university determines you are not proficient in the English language, you could still be admitted in many cases. This exception would require passing an English language intensive course before beginning regular university classes.

Good to know:

Most programs are taught entirely in English; however, some universities do offer certain programs in Arabic.

Student life in Kuwait

Unlike many other countries, you will not find dormitory style living for any of the universities. Local students continue to live at home with their families as they complete their studies. This is part of the family-centred Kuwaiti culture. Kuwait is also small enough that a commute from your home to your desired university would be minimal. International students are required to find and provide for their housing arrangements for the entirety of their stay in Kuwait.

Good to know:

Many universities organise social programs to facilitate student interaction outside of the classroom ' especially during freshman year.

Tuition fees

Universities often require an enrollment deposit between 100-300 KWD (USD 330-995). In addition to fees, you can expect to pay between 200-275 KWD (USD 660-910) per credit hour. Cost varies based on the university and the program of study. Engineering courses are usually more expensive than other programs.

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