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Accommodation in Kuwait can be found furnished and unfurnished. Furnished apartments include everything that you will need and usually even include kitchen accessories and bathroom towels. Unfurnished apartments are completely unfurnished. They include no appliances (stove top/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, closets) in addition to no furniture. Some apartments are partially furnished and include only the appliances.

Types of accommodation in Kuwait

Pricing for apartments varies based on location and whether it is furnished or not. Villas are typically more expensive than apartments; however, if the villa is located a bit further away from the city you can find a better price. Most villas are rented unfurnished. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments are easy to find.

Many employers include accommodation for their employee and family in their salary package. If you prefer to find your own housing, these employers typically offer a stipend for your rent. It is recommended to move into the employer provided apartment on arrival to Kuwait and then begin searching for an alternative apartment if desired.

There are many realtors in Kuwait, and most apartment buildings have signs displaying the management company name and phone number. Management companies employ building managers who are usually present at the property during the daytime and evening hours. In addition to the building manager, the majority of apartment buildings have a security guard on site at night monitoring the security cameras. Building managers do not always speak English well, so obtaining some information, such as whether they allow dogs, can be difficult.

 Good to know:

It is perfectly acceptable to walk into a building and ask the building manager to see an apartment.

Using a realtor to find accommodation

Working with a realtor can help circumvent the language barrier. Realtors can also drive you to locations of available apartments, which can be quite helpful if you’re looking for an apartment before you get a car. When you work with a realtor, the payment is typically one-half of one month’s rent of the apartment you decide to take. Apartments require one month’s rent deposit and usually an additional pet deposit if applicable, just as you would find in the United States.

Leases are usually 12-13 months long. A shorter lease agreement can be arranged for an additional monthly fee. Most require a 30-day notice if you’re planning to vacate at the end of your lease term. Rent payment is completed with bank transfers, which your bank can assist you in setting up.


The Kuwait Government subsidises utilities so you do not pay for electricity or water. If you have a gas stove/cooker, you purchase re-fillable gas tanks on your own (1.5 KWD). Many apartments provide WIFI but you can also purchase your own if desired. Most buildings provide either covered or underground parking.

There are many groups on social media and forums for expats to buy or sell furniture. This can be very helpful if you’re considering an unfurnished apartment. Alternatively, there are many furniture and appliance stores — and all offer delivery.

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