bf/gf living together in kuwait? possible?

I've been reading a lot of forums saying yea it's ok for westerns to liver together as a couple even if they are not married, but what if you are not a Western? I'm an Arab (non kuwaiti) and I'm working in kuwait, my gf is Latin and she is planning to come stay here with me, so my question is, can we find a place to stay together even if we r not married? can we stay in those places where its ok for Westerns to stay or they will refuse cuz we r not Western? any help?

generally, as an arab, when you go to rent a place, they will ask for your civil ID, and passport copy. if you're a bachelor, chances are they won't give you accommodation, as most buildings for families are maintained as such.

now if you go search for accommodation in family buildings, they will ask for the marriage certificate. without it, they won't sign a contract with you.

there are no "places" that are ok for westerners to stay; majority of them are either here as teachers (their school accommodates them free) or military (same scenario). because both are western expats, the landlord doesn't nitpick much.

however, even single kuwaiti's have difficulty finding accommodation alone, whether male or female, i've seen both cases.

in the end; its a gamble.

so any advice on where i should look? or what can be done in a situation like mine?

Yes u can stay and find place illegally but if police catch you 14 years in jail without bail please get married and shift here my advise to you

as dhiraj said, don't risk the crime if u can't do the time.

well I haven't been here long, but does police really arrest people for that?! like they go knocking on doors catching people for it? how many cases of arrests for that kind of crime have u seen or heard of in ur years here ?

They don't go knocking door by door, but if someone reports you they will come. I'm assuming it is not comfortable living by constantly being tense not to step on anyone's toes. :)

yea but I guess as long as u r not bothering anyone then why would they go out of their way just to ruin ur life

it's called being a good neighbor (sarcastic lol).

in any event; it all boils down to the landlord and the 7ares; each case will be different, as each person is different.

In a nutshell, choose a building where expats live and be a good friend with the Haress.

I never did that what you are asking, but I have witnessed lots of similar cases :)

Please come to Kuwait and visit Sulabia jail you can find thousands of cases in prison , please do not do any illegal and immoral activity in Kuwait as the news get viral very fast even if you stay remote or isolated , please marry your girlfriend and divorce your wife if u not happy stay in peace in Kuwait if u are legal .

well from what u guys r saying it seems possible then, the main question now is how do I find a place like that? lol any leads?

@dhiraj yes I get what u r saying and btw I don't have a wife and yes Im planning to marry my gf but I can't do that now, so it will be just a temporary situation until we get married, I do not intend to keep this "illegal" situation forever

All the best my friend wish you all success in life staying Kuwait for expats are like film Jurassic park every thing looks great in beginning and later  ground reality  you will encounter so my answer may sound too sharp like a knife but I  should be advise you the right thing my apologies I mention u to divorce your wife this I wrote due to my married man have same issues , I understand man behavior pattern well . So please excuse me and welcome to Kuwait

no worries buddy, no offence taken, I was just explaining to u my situation, would like to know more about the problems u encountered while in kuwait, maybe I can learn something from them

It's funny that it's the haris (janitor) you should be worried about, not the police.

By the way keep us updated if you find a place :)

Invite me in your wedding , stay blessed once you married and produce marriage certificate I will find a nice apartment for you both

By the way I am agreeing completely with Dhiraj. He is giving you the best solution.

I read your comments and you are already planning on marrying her..

I believe what makes your situation more harder that it already is. Is that she will be living with you permanently.

Which can lead to possibilities such as this,

Freaking out on the 'moods'  of the hares/they abruptly replace him with somebody else (Uh-oh..) or probably some other things.

You said you cannot marry her right now and it is none of my business but if she's coming all the way to our country it shows me that she is willing to travel all this way just for you. It tells me that you are both committed to each other.

Please do not be disheartened from this. I wish you well.

@DanaQ8 I agree with what u r saying, and yes we r committed to each other and I wish we could get married now but to get married at least ur family needs to be there which means I can't get married here in kuwait, and I can't leave kuwait during the next year at least cuz of work,so it's something out of my control, and I don't want to wait one year or more away from each other when we can be together and make use of that time planning our future here, so yea it's complicated lol

Thanks Dana I too completely agree with Dana

Have you forgotten about the marshal law and Arabs are humans like any of us sometimes you might not offend people before they get to hate you so is better to marry her in order to get a legal stay or pause the date for a while until you're sure of your rights. This for your own safety

Agree with you my friend


I know marriage is never complete without family but why can't you just marry her already? 

Like I said.. what's making your situation more harder is that she will be living with you permanently.. this is what makes it overkill.

Now that you know how it is in our country it is up to you. I have nothing more to add to this any further.. except that I urge you to please re-read everything especially which Dhiraj had already mentioned. Why would you risk your life over this? You are already planning on marrying her.

You can always have a proper wedding later on. I'm absolutely sure your family will be more than livid when you tell them the news. But would you rather see them livid because of you call from jail or the happy news?

But as the saying goes.. it's better to be safe than sorry.

"yea but I guess as long as u r not bothering anyone then why would they go out of their way just to ruin ur life"

I am curious. To be honest.. I was rather flabbergasted when I clicked on your profile ( I did before I even read your post) and checked that you are a fellow Arab as well. No offense.. but I expected this sort of question from a Westerner as not all of them are familiar with our culture.

Because isn't it already the same in your respective country too? I do not understand why you are this surprised that it is like that in our country? You probably already know that Kuwait IS a Muslim country..

Please do not take this personal.

I sincerely wish you well :0)

yes but in egypt u won't go to prison for it, we did live together in egypt and no one cares, no problems, no one bothering u, yes not all neighborhoods in egypt r like that but,in a lot of them no one cares who is living with who or who's married or not and its an Islamic country as well, it's not the same in all Islamic countries that's why I was asking

Thanks Dana you read my mind and I have same questionnaire for him , now I am almost sure that my friend is lie ing on her about his marriage or he should not mess up his life in worrying for his descion  he took , I must strongly advise him to marry and shift here I already wish him good luck if he follow Dana and me

Sorry but I don't feel that the answers make any difference to you. You've asked but you are still insisting on finding the place regardless of the warnings.

Check your other posts and you'll see what I mean.

Good news my friend if your behavior good in jail the authorities relieve you in 12 years instead of 14 years I spoke to an jailofficial today so I thought I must share the good news of 2and half year of early freedom and believe me freind 12 years is a small time . Time passes in Kuwait so fast.

Like I said.. this ends for me here as I cannot add anything further.

Lastly, please don't be mad at our country if whatever possible "leads" you get, will lead you straight to jail instead.

I'm unsubscribing from this post.


Appreciated a bold and straight reply by Dana , me too I will leave this thread now

So, now i am eager to know how did it end up with you ?!
Did u manage to live with ur gf or what ?

yes this is possible and so easy just get married to your girlfriend and keep a marriage certificate , if police catch you without marriage a jailterm for love case is 14 years ,u are lucky if u get out early on bail .so i advise one must get marriage once u stay together .here no moral policing but its not safe to stay in hide out follow legal procedure in whatever u do.regards

I have a question.
I live in Kuwait City with my husband in a partition room. the issue is we had married in 2013 and have a son of 2 year old. but our son is not in Kuwait he is in India. actually we don't have a marriage certificate with us. But we have Court marriage papers with us but it is not attested from the embassy.
we went to attest the same in embassy but they informed we need to attest from India but the problem is we are not planning to travel now.and in my passport even his name is. not mentioned.
so just wanted to know will their be any issue if we stay together.

do not be straight
a lot of peoples do the same without telling any one
ask her if she can bring her friend with her because I live alone and need girlfriend with me

No, it's a non bailable offence. Learn about the laws here-

Better find her her a 1 bhk and stay opposite to her apartment 😁... double the rent but for a good cause..

of course, they can live together there are a lot of peoples do the same
but they do not like Arabic peoples they prefer American and European peoples especially Filipino girls. they heat Arabic people too much but they like Arabic money

and how did that work out for you.
I arrived last week and the weekend tour with a realestate agency stressed no visitors, no guests etc etc.
Hoping to join social clubs (scuba/fishing/boating/squash etc) and have guests, bbqs and whatever, is there an area that is more guest friendly?

I live in Kuwait.... Regardless of what anyone says on here... You will not be able to live together. Sorry.

you can't live together if you don't have any legal documents like marriage contact..we have alot of love case here in kuwait, some are leaving their own wife/husband and living with another man/woman as they are real couple..