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Staying in touch with friends and family both inside and outside of Kuwait couldn’t be easier with today’s technology. You can purchase SIM cards for your phone from the airport or one of many retailers all over Kuwait. There are several carriers to choose from and each have several different plans available. Ten GB data, talk, and text credit for your mobile phone will cost 5 KWD (approximately $17 USD) per month.

Internet at home

For home internet, you can choose between a 4G SIM card data plan to use in your router or wired internet through a company. If you purchase a router, there are several providers with different data plans. A 500 Gb data SIM card costs 6 KWD (approximately $20 USD) per month.

Portable WIFI devices are also quite popular in Kuwait. By using SIM cards to provide WIFI, these small portable devices allow internet access almost anywhere without draining your phone battery and data. The monthly cost for portable WIFI is the same as SIM cards used with home routers.

Useful apps

Most people in Kuwait use WhatsApp instead of normal messaging via your mobile plan so if you haven't already downloaded this app, you might want to do so. One particularly helpful aspect of WhatsApp is that you can change SIM cards without losing your contacts within the app. Many people in Kuwait travel frequently and spend long periods outside of Kuwait. This requires a new SIM card for use within the country you are visiting, and would mean not being able to receive messages or calls, or high roaming costs. Other apps to keep in touch with family back are Skype, Google Hangouts, and Viber.

Mail services

Packages shipping via FedEx, Aramex, or DHL is usually hassle-free, provided your phone number is included with the order. You must ensure that your phone number is on the outside of the package. You will have to be present for package delivery and pay a customs charge at the time of delivery. On occasion, you can add the customs charge to your total when placing your order. Customs fees due on delivery can vary widely, even for repeated orders of the same size and weight. Tracking with one of these three companies is usually very accurate.

The customs office examine all orders coming into Kuwait. Packages being delivered to Kuwait by any method other than via the above companies will go through the Kuwait postal system. Any package processed through the Kuwait postal system must include a valid Kuwait phone number written plainly on the package. If no phone number is clearly visible on the package, it will be returned to the sender within 20 days.

If your package does include a phone number, a postal worker will call to tell you where your package can be picked up. In most cases, packages will be available near your residence.

Tracking for any package through the postal service will not be available, even if you are provided with a tracking number by the sender.

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