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Leisure activities in Kuwait
Updated 2017-09-18 15:14

Kuwait offers many leisure activities. Indoor activities are preferable during the summer months (May – September) due to extreme summer temperatures; however, the rest of the year has quite pleasant weather.

Outdoor activities in Kuwait

There are many health clubs, all of which offer various activities. Many double as a social club, especially for families with children. Swimming pools, tennis courts, and squash courts are common amenities, as well as gyms and workout classes. Many hotels offer day passes for their beach and pool areas. Several marinas offer water sports such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing classes, including sailing lessons for kids.

People often take a day trip to one of Kuwait's islands. Dolphins and whales are regularly spotted near the islands, and you can also enjoy a great snorkelling or scuba diving experience. Scuba diving is a popular sport in Kuwait, and many places offer certifications for both beginner and advanced divers.

Football (or soccer) is another popular sport, and you can attend games throughout the season. You can also join expat groups for various sports such as rugby, cycling, running, and softball. These teams play and train during the winter months. Several running events from 5k races to marathons and triathlons are held in Kuwait each year.

Outdoor markets

Beginning around October each year, both the Quot Market and The Secret Garden ' similar to a farmer's markets ' are open. The Quot Market is held monthly at different locations around Kuwait, and The Secret Garden is held in Salmiya each Saturday. Winter months also bring activities back to Al Shaheed Park ' a beautifully designed park in Kuwait City with a large walking/running track and very well-kept green space. The park regularly holds concerts and movies, as well as yoga classes and other activities.

Tours and events in Kuwait

The Madeenah Tour company regularly does tours in English and Arabic of various historical places in Kuwait. These are very well put together and full of information about Kuwait's history.

Kuwait also holds both horse and camel racing events. Weekend desert camping is also popular. Tour companies can set you up with everything you need or you can go by yourself or with a group of friends.

Indoor activities

Indoor leisure options include movie theatres, museums, Broadway performances at the Kuwait Cultural Center, The Scientific Center, and a multitude of malls. The malls in Kuwait offer many Western and European stores, as well as entire designers' sections in several of the malls. One cultural centre is currently under construction, and is intended to be the largest museum in the world. Kids also enjoy many indoor play places, usually located in malls, as well as indoor trampoline parks.

You can also take a trip up into the Kuwait Towers. One tower holds an observation deck, and one has a restaurant that serves buffet style meals, including brunch on Saturdays.

Proximity to other destinations

Kuwait is only a one to two hour's flight from Dubai, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain so you'll have plenty of opportunities to travel and explore the region. Many other destinations aren't much further away, and travel is usually quite affordable, especially if planned in advance.

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