About Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country at the very top of the Persian Gulf, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran. Thanks to its strategic location and oil reserves, Kuwait is, according to the World Bank, the world’s fourth richest country per capita.

Most of Kuwait's land is covered by the Arabian Desert ' the fourth largest desert in the world. The weather in Kuwait is very hot, with temperatures reaching up to 44°C in the summer months. The winter temperature is about 14°C, with a few rainfalls breaking up the otherwise dry climate.

Kuwait is an Islamic country with the majority being Sunni Muslims. Although it's a conservative state, it has one of the most open political systems ' a combination of presidential and parliamentary ' when compared to the other neighbouring monarchies. Expats are advised to do their research into the laws and social expectations associated with Islam to avoid implications and causing involuntarily offence.

Outside of the oil industry, the public sector is the country's biggest employer. Another upgrowing industry is wealth-management, which accounts for a great part of the country's profits. Expats in Kuwait makeup around 60% of the workforce, although the government is currently working on decreasing this number.