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Banking and finances in Kuwait

Soon after arriving in Kuwait, you will likely want to open a Kuwaiti bank account. Your company will assist you with the ...

The healthcare system in Kuwait

There are many options for healthcare in Kuwait. The government provides healthcare free of charge to Kuwaiti nationals. There ...

Finding work in Kuwait

The ease of finding work in Kuwait will vary greatly depending on your field of interest. The majority of expats entering Kuwait ...

Childcare and family activities in Kuwait

There are many international schools in Kuwait. The education system is divided into elementary, intermediate, and secondary ...

Leisure activities in Kuwait

Kuwait offers many leisure activities. Indoor activities are preferable during the summer months (May – September) due to ...

Phones and internet in Kuwait

Staying in touch with friends and family both inside and outside of Kuwait couldn't be easier with today's technology. You can ...

Relocating to Kuwait

If you will be moving into company issued housing, your employer may provide many necessities for you upon arrival — this ...

How to drive in Kuwait

If you arrive in Kuwait under a tourist visa, you can drive with a valid foreign or international driver’s licence. Once ...

Travelling around Kuwait

Taxis are readily available in most areas. If you're new to Kuwait or going to a new destination, it's advisable to use Google ...

The tax system in Kuwait

The tax system in Kuwait is definitely a bonus to living and working in the country for both nationals and expats.

Study in Kuwait

Kuwait is home to eleven universities and colleges. Some of these universities are specialised, such as Gulf University for ...

Accommodation in Kuwait

Accommodation in Kuwait can be found furnished and unfurnished. Furnished apartments include everything that you will need and ...

Visas for Kuwait

Your employer should assist you with the requirements for processing your visa both prior to travelling to Kuwait and after you ...

Important information about Kuwait

Kuwait is small enough that the entire country is treated more like one large city. The country is divided into six governates ...

Discovering Kuwait

Kuwait is a very small country located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south, and ...

About Kuwait

Most of Kuwait's land is covered by the Arabian Desert ' the fourth largest desert in the world. The weather in Kuwait is very hot, with temperatures reaching up to 44°C in the summer months. The winter temperature is about 14°C, with a few rainfalls breaking up the otherwise dry climate.

Kuwait is an Islamic country with the majority being Sunni Muslims. Although it's a conservative state, it has one of the most open political systems ' a combination of presidential and parliamentary ' when compared to the other neighbouring monarchies. Expats are advised to do their research into the laws and social expectations associated with Islam to avoid implications and causing involuntarily offence.

Outside of the oil industry, the public sector is the country's biggest employer. Another upgrowing industry is wealth-management, which accounts for a great part of the country's profits. Expats in Kuwait makeup around 60% of the workforce, although the government is currently working on decreasing this number.

Quick Information

Official Languages : Arabic , English
Currency : Dinar
Area : 17820 Km2
Population : 2789132
Calling Code : +965
Timezone : Asia/Kuwait

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