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Hi everyone,l recently moved to Kuwait and and had my medical test,it’s been 3 weeks now and no answer from them,lam worried,can someone help me with answers ?

Nothing to worry. I went through the same process recently. They don't disclose medical test results. After medicals your employer will take your passport for visa stamping, not sure what goes on behind the scene. But I got my residency visa in about 3 weeks of my medical test. It can vary by +/- 1 week. You should check with your employer for further details. If you have ckeared medical test back home before getting your Kuwait visa stamped, you should clear the medical tests here. In the rarest of cases some candidates fail medical tests in Kuwait after arrival. Wish you all the best and stay positive mate.

Thanks so much,so there is nothing to worry about

Hello razeil

I need to ask about x ray reading for GAMCA.  will they accept few calcified shadows on  chest x ray.  If we do dont have any infectious diseases in past and present? Please do let me know

Hi Kinlay,

I don't feel qualified to answer that question. I think if you have a some spots on your lungs but you know you've had no past infections, it may help to carry the report with you that states no sign of infections. As such doctors at Khadamat medical centre should know looking at the X-Ray if there haven't been any infections in the past. I am not sure how GAMCA works, apologies. Wish you all the best.

Hello raziel

Thanks for response.  My chest x ray showed few shadows but i dont have any past infection... I dont know how GAMCA fuctions...  I just thought you may have some idea regarding this..... Anyway thanks


Unfortunately, GAMCA is much more strict than the GCC medicals.  Mainly because they err on the side of caution - they don't want to risk getting fined if something happens later.

As an example, in UAE, Hep C is no longer a deport-able illness and they don't even test for it but GAMCA will still not give you a FIT certificate if you have it.

Also in your case, it really depends on the nature and extent of the calcification / shadows.  If they are showing as big opaque spots on lung sacs then GAMCA will most probably not accept it.

Hello xtang

Mine is just a minor calcification in lower lobe of right lung...  I did every check up in my country and also got normal medical certificate recommended by kuwait embassy in my country..  I was just wondering how GAMCA would accept it.  People have been posting so many negative and wrong attitude of the medical staff..  But i dont think those people are bad....  I am still positive about those medical staff..
Anyways thank you for your response...


You don't have GAMCA in your country?  then you have nothing to worry about.  What I am referring to is GAMCA clinics in your home country physically doing your tests and uploading online directly to the GCC database.

For countries without GAMCA, what you did is fine.  It will allow you to enter and then do the medical directly inside Kuwait.


That was really good information and new to me.  Thank you so much for the info.

I am from Bhutan


In which case can someone be asked to repeat the whole medical test.

You have to repeat the test again anyway when you arrive in Kuwait.  Irrespective of whether you went through GAMCA or not.

Thanks for your reply, what if the person is already inside the country can medical test be repeated twice. In which case can this be possible.

Can u please help me out..
What medical tests you went through after reaching kuwait..?? Audiometry test was involved??
Pls reply.. Thanks in advance

Can u please help me out..
What medical tests you went through after reaching kuwait..?? Audiometry test was involved??
Pls reply.. Thanks in advance


Tests involves bloody test and xray and they take up your biometric finger print as well.

Usually results are not disclosed and will be online from two or three weeks after the tests are conducted.

Good day.

Whould you pleas tell me if hsv2 will tested for visa and if yes is it a problem to have it?

Is there any website to check our medical report online . If any Please tell me now

There is no such online service for individuals  to check medical result.

Hello everyone... I ve a problem if slightly high cholesterol and Uric Acid.... So does that render me unfit in medical tests for Resident Permit... I guess I would be fine now as I'm taking care... Waiting for a prompt reply

Iam curremtly in kuwait did my medicals.  I got my insurance card today.  So does it mean i cleared my medicals in kuwait amd iam fit
Can i move for further civil od and iqama formalities.

a medical card means that you have subscribed mandatory insurance scheme , this is the first step towards your residence permit.later you or your representative will submit a residency application once your residence permit is approved same will be placed in your passport later you will apply for the civil id
best regards and wish you good luck

the main lab investigation is based on HIV/Malaria/hepatitus B/c/T.B only
its nothing to do with any thing else

audiometery  involves if your job description is based on listening  only

Thank u sir

Hi, it's good to hear this things but I have small doubt recently I have given the gamca medical test they failed at once bacoz I had hepatitis A(jaundice) and then I did use the medicine and then they made me fit, so my question is will I pass in kuwait medical test if still I have hapatitis A (jaundice)....
Kindly get back to me..

I have hapatitis a, so will I pass in Kuwait medical test..

Hep A is curable.  So when cured, I don't think there should be any issue.  They only have issues with incurable infectious diseases.

No test done for hep A

Only B C HIV probably Vdrl.But actually hep a highly infectious and v easily transmissible.

Will they make me fit or not that's what my question

1) I have already answered - see above
2) No one here can tell you what the government authorities will do for specific and individual cases

I have bronchitis scare in my lungs. As i am pass gamca test in india now i am worring about medical test in kuwait. Is bronchitis scare accepted in kuwait

A lung scar is always a tricky thing.  Bronchitis doesn't usually cause scarring - personally I would think it is either old TB or pneumonia maybe.  Get it checked and get a quantiferon gold tb test.  If you cannot disprove that it is a TB scar, you will have issues as automatically, any scarring in the lungs is treated as a big investigation.

Hi all,

I have a medical test in Kuwait. I am worrying about the x-ray in lungs. I have the CT scan report which has taken in India shows that "no abnormal things found". Will it help? Kindly give some tips

The medical that matters is the in-country medical.

I have scoloisis. Is there any problem in kuwait medical. Please repy..

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