Kuwait Medical unfit reason

Hey there. I have received a visa from a reputed company in Kuwait but when I went for the medical test, they said I'm unfit due to a spot on  my chest in the X-ray. I'm confident that I'm healthy and I never had TB or any such diseases yet in my life. I lived in Oman for few years and I was fit when I went for medical test 5 years back. Can anybody help me out?

unfortunatly if any deases or anomaly are detect, you are not allowed to enter and have residency in Kuwait.

To clear any doubt , go to any good medical center in your area , do the test and see the result , if you are fit then email your company and explain to them, they will take the necessary action because they want you to come and work for them.

U can do HRCT (CT scan of Thorax)
and apply for second time with HRCT report

Same case with me.
Got my GAMCA test conducted on 28th of May, 2019. Report was uploaded on GCC website the next day, where I was declared unfit. Got the report the next day where everything was normal, except chest x-ray. It was mentioned as abnormal. They wrote 'prominent BVM markings' in the remarks section. The doctor said I should get it checked/consulted from outside and reapply after the expiry of 6 months. However, I got my x-ray test done from another private clinic and consulted 3 doctors. All of them said my x-ray was perfectly normal, though BVM marking was mildly prominent, which shouldn't be a reason for declaring me unfit to work. To further validate it, I got my chest x-ray again from one of the best government chest hospitals in India. They also didn't find anything. In order to further prove it, they got my CT scan also.

Talked to Kuwait embassy in Delhi regarding the discrepancy between the two reports, one from GAMCA medical center and others from outside. They agreed that GAMCA report may be wrong, but said couldn't do anything as medical test was out of their jurisdiction.

Not sure what to do next. Please let me know if there is any procedure, or have to wait for 6 months? By the way, my employer is willing to help me in the best way possible they can, only if they could.

Thanks in advance!

usually they dont unfit at that time instead they keep report pending.
U can apply after one month.
but if they already updated your report in their system then u can not do anything till 6 month.
Or else talk with the owner of center regarding all issue. Hard work but not impossible.One of my known did the same.His report was not updated in their system before,and was pending. Gamca center cleared test after few days.
Rarely Happens.

His finding was same.
Spot in Chest X-ray

Reason of cold

As a rule of thumb, GAMCA is a lot stricter than the medical that is done in the GCC countries when you arrive here.  And there is a reason for that - if an applicant is marked UNFIT inside GCC after GAMCA has cleared him then the clinic gets fined and with repeat violations, is completely taken out of the GAMCA network.  So they lose a lot of money.  To compensate for that, they become super strict and mark you UNFIT even if there is a little doubt.

Now for some countries e.g. Bahrain / UAE, there is a way around it i.e. come here on a visit visa and get that converted to work visa by doing a medical inside those countries - bypassing GAMCA entirely (assuming you know for a fact that you don't have TB and have medical reports from other providers showing that; ideally repeat those tests when you arrive here inside the country too on your own expense).  Unfortunately, for some countries, like Saudi and maybe Kuwait, this is not possible.

Mujhe medical unfit fibrosis in right side middle zone bata ke unfit kiya hai mai wapas kuwait country ke liye try karskat hu plz reply me

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Hi realy i dont know about that but my advice for you stay on oman its better

Please can any body explain what kind of medical tests are required for to get residency or stay at Kuwait, Does Kuwaiti University requires medical clearance. I medical tests?

If any case in Fatty liver issue..... Failed kuwait medical test