Pregnancy + document for new born .

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I am Italian , i am living in Salmiya with my wife and doughter.

My wife is pregnant and the delivery date suppose around 18 november ... As we are here from one month , and we visited al New Mowasat hospital , we are considering a decision to delivery here our second baby girl .but i have some doubts ... As i saw the assets and rooms are very good standard ... my question is there is any expat woman that already done here , maybe in the same hospital ? IF there is someone ,  can you tell me if any problems or something  disappointing your stay ? How are the obstetrics ? etc ... etc ...

Also about documents , at the moment i am getting Civil ID , but my wife still not and i don t know if she will have on time by delivery time ( she is in touristic visa ) : it is a problem for my baby ? Can i register ? and how it is procedure for registration ? Does she will take double citizenship Kuwaiti and italian  ? Sorry for my questions but i don t know very well how are working these things . And i want clear picture if we will take decision ( my wife take :)  )  to proceed here .....

Thank you

dont worry about the citizenship part - only Kuwaiti's get Kuwaiti nationality by birth, being born here you would have to register her with your embassy for her Italian identification.

so long as you and the Mrs. have a valid marriage certificate (duly authorized, notarized etc) then you shouldnt have any problems with the birth. since your child would be under your sponsorship as the father, the issue of her residency is not a major one. i am not sure about this, it makes sense technically but its still best for others to speak on this in terms of giving birth whilst on visit visa. you could always ask the admission staff at the hospital where u plan on having your baby.

there are other maternity hospitals - on the fourth ring road there's the Mothering hospital (the area Riggae) and the Royal Hayat hospital in Jabriya. Or if ur in Salmiya, Al Seif hospital is also good.

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On 5 august i have again to visit the hospital and for sure i will ask all these things to doctor  .

But are you suggest me other hospital just for info ? Or you think  that new mowasat is not good ???

Hi Napoleone,

I am pregnant myself (in my 8th month) and new to Kuwait (arrived in may 2012, left in Europe for a month then just came back a few weeks ago). I am planning on giving birth to my first baby in New Mowasat too in the coming weeks !
I used to go to Royal Hayate but I was not too happy with the staff. I felt like too much importance was given to luxury rather than care of patients but that's a very personal feeling as I know a few people who gave birth to their baby there and were happy about it. Anyway, almost all my expats friends gave birth to their children in New Mowasat and are very happy about it ! So far my appointments were great so I am happy with it ! The most important thing is that you guys feel comfortable with your doctor and trust him/her.
Regarding giving birth while on a tourist visa, I am exactly in the same situation as your wife and we are currently trying to find out how it works so I will let you know once this is clearer. But at this stage, i think the most important indeed is the certificate of marriage.

Good luck

congrats Gee, and god bless.

the problem with not having a marriage certificate is highlighted in this newspaper article here


i used to take my wife to Dar-Alshefaa hospital in hawalli it is good hospital and the prices is better than many hospitals , and the treatment is very good there

actually all my family prefer this hospital to give birth there children

and what documents you need depend on your ambassy in the first class bcz you want to add her to you
but you should ask the hospitals what do they want from u to give the certification that proof the delivery in their hospital

hope to hear good news about your baby

You will need proof of marriage.
Your wife can deliver her child on a tourist visa but your embassy would have to give you an emergency travel document/passport for the child to exit the country?
You pick up the birth certificate from kuwaiti ministry office and then you take it for translation in hawalli i believe -

Mowasat is an excellent hospital.
I know of two mothers who both had premature twins and delivered there, all babies fine el7umdella!

Thank you for all your reply ....

GeeKuwait .... Good Luck and keep me and my wife updated ....I spoke with the Doctor that following my wife and is look like needed only certificate of marriage + my ID ..... Also i am requesting more info trough my company .....
Will let you know....


Hi , I had my two kids at new nowadays hospital , they re good I advise you to consult wth dr nahed he s simply perfect ..
As for the papers I ll check for once I come back to Kuwait
Have a nice day

We have currently DR. Virginia Semen , any feedback ?? Geekuwait which Doctor you choose ?


hi im a srilankan my waif is pregnant in kuwait now 7month I need to help if the hospital what document to need in delivery time i haw a merging satificat but my wife no more  that's coming for anything prablems

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