Tattoo on chest

Hai friends..... I would like to share my problem with you guys please give a needful suggestions
I have tatto on chest is there any problem for GAMCA medical test..?

No. If safely done no risk of hep b c hiv

Thankq...... I’m little nervous...

What is the result please let me know. I am having similar issues

What is the result please let me know. I am having similar issues

Next week brother...

Does any doctor make objections about tattoos.?

Yes i already did my medical from gamca medical centre in kolkata, and i have a tattoo in hand.. and yes there was a objection.
They just instructed that if my company doesnot have any problem them it should be fine...
And i had to talk to HR and tell them to send NOC to the medical hospital

What kind of Noc is that .?

What the hell is this.?????

As kuwait is a islamic country and its taboo for muslims to do tattoo. So technically it might hurt the sentiments of them. But i have friend in kuwait who have tattoos and its absolutely fine. No body cares. When i went there for medical they say my tattoo and told me technically i am unfit according to them even though i am medically fit.
If my company takes my responsibility and the dont have problem with tattoo it fine for them. They have to mention it in a company letter head mentioning your name and send it to the medical center.  Just dont do anything now...go for medical and wait for their instructions.

Hmm ok brother thank you somuch....

Now I buy the Shoun visa actually I’m a mechanical engineer...... from past 3years I was working in kuwait with project visa...... problem is i can’t  transfer to private sector visa ... this month I cancelled my visa and came back to India.... now I got the visa again I have to do medical I have tatto on my chest... I’m afraid....

Ohh okey....just let me know what was your experience...and which medical centre you were assigned for the medical test

Yeah sure..... bro

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