medical doubts revarding gamca

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Iam from kerala. My husband went to kuwait 2 3 months back . He went through tough medicals from khadamat. He had sgpt sgot count.. then he had problem with eye.. by gods grace he went . And now he is planning to take me through family visa. I am really tensed...iam scared abt xrays...many people scare me regarding xrays.. blood we can control...but xray  . Did anyone get unfit from gamca. What all test are done for family visa? I really want to stay with him. If they say any objection and we say we already done before other labs will they accept ? Do give me a solution.
Thank you

Sad that no one is there to help

For the list of the tests or GAMCA guidelines which apply to all GCC countries, see this link: … ov2016.pdf

And unfortunately, if you are marked UNFIT, you will NOT get a visa.  No matter what other labs you have done whatever from.

I am not sure what you are expecting when you say solution.  But please wait a day or two when creating a post for enough people to see it for replies to be given.

Iam sorry xtang. I dont know the process of expats sites . So before applying for visa i should have to do a pre medical...?? For my husband after getting visa he did his medical in khadamt thats y i asked.

Your husband's employers need to advise you.  In some countries, every person including family has to go through GAMCA whereas in others like Bahrain, they don't.

Thank u sir for your valuable information. Iam only tensed abt xray.

Don't worry.  X-ray is only an issue if you have had TB in the past and have clear scars on the lungs.  Scars don't appear that easily - I have smoked heavily for over 20 years and alternated between cigarettes, shisha and vapes.  I have also had pneumonia when I was in Dubai. To date, I don't have any scars!

Go get yourself checked from a private clinic if you are worried.


Pre- medical from gamca approved centres might be necessary for processing visa and thereafter after getting visa, one must get the medical done from khadamat. However,it's being heard that they have now approved main medical from gamca as well... I am not sure.

I am waiting for visa from my company fir further processes.

G V Menon

Sir xtang i did my trial medicals i got my visa to go to kuwait in hand and i did my police clearance certificate and now have to go to gamca.. my xray normal thats what two doctors said ya but have ldl cholestrol 244.. worried about that...tomrw again going for a testing tk see if cholestrol normal... dont know if they will make unfit for any reason ...

Hai expacts
Atleast got my medical results fit. Thank u all for your stamping left

Iam really worried i have medicals tommrw in kuwait. Is it strict

Same position for me..

No problem. Basic tests are done.

dont worry..its fine always

sir kuwait k liye gcc se medicl kiya tha x-ray m fibrotic lesions ki problm btya h dura test h ky m fit ho jaunga.

@Ravindra Singh Rawat > you should please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand. Thank you

wish to get clear answer if possible

my wife wants to join me on dependent visa and not willingly to work here with my she too have to get x ray done....what is there is spot in her xray report....will she be banned

In bahrain...dependent dont require to take medicals in home country ..they have to take blood test in bahrain...can anyone give me clear answer

Hi everyone,
I am an engineer and was offered a job in Kuwait. Employer sent me visa and asked to clear GAMCA. But as i did my tests I have been made unfit because of fibrotic leison or a scar though I have never had TB or pneumonia. I did a parallel check with 2 other physicians. But my x ray came out clean with no scars. Are these GAMCA Centers really authentic.Has any one have faced similar situation ? The GAMCA center allotted to me was in mahim Mumbai.

GAMCA is authentic.

@Toughsoul hi. I know I am replying to your post aftera few years but I couldnt help it. You know what.. my GAMCA was done in a Mahim clinic (Ashwini Clinic) and they kept my report on hold saying I had a spot in chest x ray. I met the doctor and told him I want to go on family visa only. He said the spot is not serious at all. But I too have doubts about that GAMCA centre !!

@N S95
I had a similar experience yesterday at SS medical center in Ahmedabad for my mother. She is 70 and had her med test appointment for Kuwait Visa where she had been residing for several years (Visa got cancelled during COVID)

They informed me she is UNFIT due to the following :
1. Chest X ray shows scars
2. High level of diabetes.

My mom is definitely not diabetic  and for the chest X Ray, I demanded to see the X ray and they showed me nothing.

I paid a 4700 Rs. for which I did not receive a payment receipt either.

Instead my visa was returned saying "Please try at another Medical center after the current appointment slip expires". When I insisted to see the reports, they threatened me saying we will stamp UNFIT on here visa and she will not be able to redo her medical for the next 6 months.

If this is not Fraudulent, I don't know what it is.

hi my friend having one eye vision 6/ 6 but with another eye there is no visibility,  only his one eye works,

can he clear gamca for kuwait?? he is  normal worker for kitchen( another eye having no vision so he can read boad etc