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Hello All,
Anyone had experienced Ivf treatment here in kuwait? I would appreciate if someone can update me about prices and is it worth doing it here in kuwait

Hi Samra,

First let me say we feel your struggles and understand the hardship you are going through.   My wife and I tried for 12 years with no luck.   The past 8 years we have been in Kuwait and have pretty much exhausted the IVF scene here.  Weve been to most of the doctors and have tried treatments and numerous clinics.  If you would like more info it,  please call message us.   


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Hi Lesml11,

I'm really sorry to hear about your struggle, but don't give up yet please, did u try to do iVF treatment in Europe somewhere?  I did check the price in Salam hospital and it's quiet costly and I've also heard doctors are not good here for this kind of treatment, so i wanted to confirm my doubts.

Thank you,  we had success and now a little one.  After trying multiple hospitals,  New Mowasat,  Al Seef,  International Clinic,  and Alorf,  we opted to go with a renowned doctor in Victoria,  Canada.   We had immediate success and so did a friend we recommended right after.

Hi Samra,

Please stay strong and remember you are always more likely to conceive when you are not stressed. We had gone through 7 failed IUI in Kuwait and 4 failed IVFs  in India.

I read about Dr. Nahed Hammediah at New Mowasat hospital in Salmiya and he helped us succeed at his first attempt, which was our 5th IVF attempt. I would highly recommend him because he is a perfectionist and does his work very precisely.

If you have any further questions, do not feel hesitant to ask us.


Hi Samra! We tried in London Hospital and it was the worst experience ever. Now looking for a doctor and a hospital to make another trial...

HI dear! I don't know the new doctor, I did it with doctor Mona who was working with dr. Patrick  for years... Probably she was replaced?....

Hi anybody can tell me which doctor I will go for my second ivf.
I just do it in London hospital with dr mona this month September 23 it's a bad news that I have a failure embryo transfer.
Please any one can help me.


Hi Elena,
I would like to ask you about your experience in london hospital for ivf.

Hi ! The experience is negative, doctors didn’t explain anything, clinic is old style, director is a thief who is making money laundry there

Hi elena, is Dr.Mona good with the patient? I went there once, and we are still deciding if we are going to continue with her.

Hi dear! No, I wouldn't advise her. She doesn't talk, doesn't explain anything. She is difficult to have deal with.

Hello all,
I’m putting my personal sensitive business out there to help women like myself who are desperate to be a mommy and need the info to calm our nerves, and to prepare our husbands pockets.😉
American TTC 13 years, 
It’s 2018 and I’m starting my IVF Journey while living here in Kuwait.
I have PCOS, no menstrual cycle since 13 yrs old, and sadly never pregnant.
While I was studying in the UK, I was diagnosed with PCOS and just never could seem to get my weight to the recommended billboard standards for IVF on the NHS.
In the States I found out I had blocked Fallopian tubes and that they would need to be unblocked or removed before IVF. In 2014, the HSG procedure to attempt to unblock the tubes failed.
In 2016, while working in Egypt, I had my tubes detached from the uterus for $1000 by Doctor Ashraf Sabry in Giza. Amazing doctor Alhamdulilah. I wanted to get my IVF done with him for $2500 but my husbands schedule isn’t so flexible.
In May 2018, I went to New Mowasat Hospital and had a 30 KD consultation with a female doctor because Dr. Hammadieh was in Turkey at a conference. She was amazing and very caring. During that visit they done a ultrasound to see the tubes, uterus, ovaries, etc for 20KD.
Ladies! Make sure your husband just had his pay day!
When you leave that visit they will give you blood work that you will need to get done. Everyone varies, but I was given a set of 9 test which were about 40KD including a AMH(most crucial) request that can only be done at NMH for 37KD. Then you will be given a prescription to bring on your period along with vitamins which cost about 30-40KD.
I just got it all done while I was in the UK🙃
I ended up taking “Provera” for 5 days and started bleeding on the 9th day. I have never been so happy to bleed on my sheets. I was calling everyone telling them. A big step for TTC!
Then once you get your menstrual, on the 3rd day, you will get 3 more blood works done for roughly 18 KD.
Your husband will need a Semen Motility test done for 15KD at NMH.
Then after allllll of this, you can meet with Dr. Hammadieh himself to reveiw everything and discuss your plan of action for 30KD.

We are waiting for our appointment as we had to spread them out as to not become overwhelmed. I will continue to update on my progress and any info I learn.
Asalaamu alaikum

Hello, we just arrived in Kuwait for work and my wife and I are looking for a labotarium to do genetic tests for an ivf treatment. They have recommended us https://www.pgdlabs.com, but we would like to have more options. Can you recommend any more?

*my husband, sorry

The only lab I have been to here in Kuwait is at New Mowasat Hospital in Salmiya. You can call ahead of time and tell them which blood work you have a prescription for and they will give you pricing. They are very clean and professional.

Many Greetings!
This is Gobi, I too looking forward about Genetic test laboratory and good successful IVF centre in Kuwait..
Pls suggest me..
Can I directly approach the laboratory as before consulting the specialists, where can they suggests us the specialists for further process?

If you read my previous post, you will read how the process works. Call New Mowasat Hospital to ask when the have consultations. It will be 25 or 30 KD. Anyone’s situation varies but you most likely will get a series of blood work that you can get right there in the hospital.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Nahed Hammediah at New Mowasat hospital in Salmiya

My wife and I are planning to have a child through IVF treatment, but we want to do some genetic tests on the embryos to detect anomalies, so far we have recommended a laboratory called www.pgdlabs.com, could someone recommend it?

Assalamu Alaikum,  I would like to ask about your experience so far with Dr.Nahed if you don't mind. Thank you

Dear rasha,
Can you plz tell me about the cost of ivf that you did,,

Dear all
Can anyone inform me, for ivf which ivf center is best india.

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