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I have been looking around for few weeks including calling hospitals or othopaedic clinic but have had no luck.  Does anyone know of a chiropractor in Kuwait.  Thanks.

hi maybe u should go the Apollo Hospital in Salmiya im sure they can help its the Hospital next to Al Rashed in Shara Amman.

firest i need to know what is your Disease (Do you mean herbal medicine,Physiotherapist for the injuries)

I think I can help you.

if u hit up al-hadi clinic, 2nd floor, go to a normal doctor and tell him u need physiotherapy, as such you will not find "licenced" chiropractors here in kuwait. its placed under the alternative medicine umbrella.

you could always go to a massage parlor, but it'll be a dude doin the work.

I just did a search online and found this site which lists 2 chiropractors - one a full service American run clinic:

OMW - thank goodness for the info above! Been looking for a proper Chiropractor for weeks now.
Regarding regular GP's - any good Doctors you can recommend in Kuwait?

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I have an opposite problem - I am a chiropractor and I don`t know how to start working in Middle-East. I do not have any relations with health ministries of arabic countries, that`s why I don`t know how to start. I would like to help all of you but first I must find an employer.

Can someone provide me with a contact number of any Chiropractor in Kuwait?

I'm in real need of one, and all the emails provided earlier are not working - they all bounce back

Thanks all

Thank u for ure concern ,
I have lower back pain , chiropractice is close to physiotherapy yet is  a deffrent speciality .

Any chiropractor available in Kuwait ?

I need a chiropractor for my lower back pain. Please help

I need a Chiropractor please!


Hii im living in kuwait thats a country in the middle east i can help you to open a clinic if you want thats my phone number you can call or whatsapp me

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Could any help me to find a good chiropractor?

Hi I'm not a chiropractor but I am a corrective exercise specialist, and sports & remedial massage therapist.
I specialise in postural assessment, soft tissue therapy, and prescription of specific exercises to help correct your muscle weaknesses and imbalances.
Or, if you simply need a massage after sports or a hard week.
Feel feee to PM me if you need further info 😁

Hi Tigerpaul,

Please register your service in the Therapist in Kuwait section of the business directory so that members can easily find your contact details if needed.

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Thanks in advance,


Send your complete details on my mail so I can talk to clinics and doctors I know if they can help in getting you on board.

Imran Basha

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+96522269410 mazaya clinic... His name is Dr. Shawn  he is american chiropractor... hope it helps.

Hi could u please send me the location of this chiropractor or his name or number.

Are u still in Kuwait could u share your contact details. I need to get adjusted

Its in 4th ring road jabriya ...Mazaya clinic...

I'm trying to call that number that you shared earlier no1 is answering my call have u personally treated yourself at this clinic?

Someone i know of.. But as i told  the ckinic is very busy... He is an american so yeah he is really good...

Alright thanks if u get a hold of his contact details could u send me a message on WhatsApp ***

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I found a chiropractor and has anyone tried these two before???

Looking for chiropractor in Kuwait

Hello! Are you still in Kuwait?

Kindly advise your contact email or phone number

What's the latest.  Are you working in Kuwait

I'm a Chiropractor currently working in England for the past 5 years (graduated 2014 from AECC with a masters degree).
However I'm thinking about moving to Kuwait to work as a Chiropractor because my wife is Kuwaiti!
Can anyone give me any information on how I'd go about doing this?
Any info or help would be useful as the whole subject of Chiropractors in Kuwait seems a bit of a murky area. Even some contact info for a chiro currently working out there would be great, I could go drop by as I'll be out there next week.

I am a chiropractor with more than 10 years experience. Studied in the United States. Interested in opening a chiropractor clinic in Kuwait.

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