is there color blindness screening in GAMCA medical test for kuwait

     I am planning to get a job as operations engineer , I am a chemical engineer with quite a bit of experience. So the interview is a done and dusted thing. But I have partial red-green colorblindness and would like to know if color vision screening is done at the GAMCA medical test in India. I read that the tests are repeated once we enter Kuwait, can anyone tell me I they got screened for color blindness in Kuwait GCC?
    The place where I am employed at present accepts color correcting contact lenses for color blindness, can any one tell me if GAMCA approves also? Thanks a lot

hello, if you need to have driver licence i say yes if no you dont pass this test.

Thank you for the fast reply, I dont think I will be needing a drivers licence so I should be fine.

happé to help you 🙏

Hi there
Well to be honest i have no idea but correting lenses should be fine if they help you identify the colors😊

No tests for colour blindness in Gamca
Only Vision test
Dont worry about medicals in Kuwait too

Some company specifically recommand by themselves when u start working here and that totally depand on your working enviornment.
But not done saparately in Gamca India or medical tests in kuwait

Sir i am partial colour blind and given gamca test at Delhi center..  But doctor give me a unfit report for engineer.... Though all test were ok and no problem coming due to colour blindness.. While they did not upload report in system.

Pls advise what to do next

Sir pls suggest for colour blind test in gamca. Can doctor do unfit me for this reason while all reports are fine. I don't feel any problem in my life due to this.  I am a design engineer and work on PC..

I am partial colour blind.

What to do next.  Can I apply after 21 days  as manager told me for it.  Manager want to do fit me but doctor don't want.

Hi, did the doctor at GAMCA Delhi specifically screen you for color blindness?, Did he give you any reasons for the unfit report?

usually most centers do not test for colour vision.
Did u already inform them?
Get a new date and do it at different center.
do not inform your problem.
u ll clear it.
Best luck

No, Color Blindness test is not done in GAMCA India.
Not in Kuwait as well.

not specifically but technician took this as normal test through ishiara plate with eye vision test. I was successfully read 2 to 3 alphabets but not much number. he written on paper ( C V defective). when paper goes to doctor thn he  told me u cant go. u have color blindness but he was passing those people who going on labor category visa. Un fortunately he discourage me that u cant go with this. I felt he was not a good person. brake my all dreams and desires. eventhough colorblindness test did not done in gulf also.

but fortunately manger told me I will not update ur status online, so u can take appointment after 21 days.

my tension is if I book another appointment than again same center has come than again doctor will fail me,

Pls suggest where I cn go for this.  pls pls pls help me, this is my fist chance to go abroad.

I did not inform them before while also i don't know that I am partial color blind. if I book next appointment than same center will come. than its created a problem to me. can I yalked y HR or agent for this. should I inform them for this issue. I am going outside from company side.

Not the same centre always.
even U can try different city

thanks for the information

can anyone tell me the time of booking for gamca appointment for next medical test.

Means morning to evening time. I want to book first appointment in morning.

Hi mentors,

Can anyone tell me is Gamca medical center in delhi will pass me? If my SGPT level is 83 & SGOT is 47.

Its come under LFT test (liver function test).

I done pre medical test for diver job to Kuwait at gamca medical center in chennai.I have colour blindness they say  you unfit for driver visa.if you change the position we give fit report.I change the position to technician,they give fit report.By this report i can apply for driver visa? For driver  visa color blindness test is mandatory?
My agent was in delhi i can send the passport for visa apply?In delhi gamca center will check colour blindness test? kindly any one give succession what to do next?

@apap35 sir can u contact me if u see this msg 99*** need some clarification about vision test pls

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Sir  I have a doubt regarding red green colour blindness.  Iam planning to go Qatar as driver. IAM waiting for their medical in India.  when I did premedical test I felt some difficulty to read ishihara chart. I have read 2,3 numbers correctly, some partially correct like that of 10numbers they shown. Reading is perfect .But I can understand colours if it is shown in another chart. Can u please reply me on whatsapp +***. Plsss
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@shahinreeenu13 yes.