Assistant professor salary in Kuwait

Hi, I have been offered an assistant professor position in an university in Kuwait with the following benefits. basic: 1900 KD, housing 400 KD, Transport 100 KD.

I have 2 years postdoc experience.

Is the offer reasonable with respect to assistant professor salary in Kuwait? Should I go for negotiation?

It's very good for you.
You can save 1500 kd easily.
Because they provide you accommodation+ transport.

Thanks Akshay.

I understand that there will be good savings on that. However, my query is that the benefits offered to me, are they in normal range of Assistant professor salary in Kuwait or below range?

I came to know that Assistant professor's basic salary now a days starts from 2000KD ( for fresh PhD graduate from good university). I need to verify this issue, so that I do not end up with lower pay than my colleagues with same qualifications.

U must negotiate with them.

I'm in a similar position - had a job offer at Assistant Professor level which sounds okay but has lots of caveats. Kuwait is usually a place we associate with high pay, which is the main reason for relocating.
KD2300 per month all-in - this comprises salary + medical ins + accommodation allowance + an annual flight)
Elsewhere, I've come across old information quoting higher salaries.
Does anyone know if the KD is falling, or if such a salary offer is too low? Certainly, negotiation seems to be the (rather vague) way that salary is settled. Thanks

Hi Flimsy, How about the other issues like contract length, relocation, increment bonus?

Hi. None of those items have been discussed yet. However, I think that if the core considerations about salary and allowances of accommodation are not agreed in advance of starting work, it won't be possible to argue about them later.

I understand your concerns , before you sign any contract, I recommend you to contacts other assistance professors and ask them about the average salary and benefits.

You Should always negoatiate but dont forget that higher no of ppl is looking for oppoutinities everyday. That means you may not be so strong at negotiations. They have always alternatives.

Which university KCST?

I agree with Koray E. the number of applications are in hundreds for the post of professors because Kuwait is good place to save money and lots of doctors specially from Arabic speaking countries are available readily . culture in all private universities are almost same few good/bad in something and few good/bad in something else.

you must adopt to local culture and institutes rules .  if you are coming from government or funded institution it shall be very challenging for you . the local rules in private colleges are set by government counsil PUC .

all private institutes everywhere are for profit so they will not be same as government institutes . even the private college in US or UK are money minded . do not forget this and you shall enjoy kuwait.

secondly if you are coming from western culture you should note that liquor is not allowed and permitted to drink in Kuwait . visa and government medical process is lengthy and irritating.
but lots of malls - restaurants -parks and sea side locations in Kuwait which you will enjoy.

if you are getting better salary than your home country take the job . you will certainly drive better car with petrol rates cheapest in the world . make good money for minimum 2-3 years . these are my personal opinion. if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different opinion .best of luck


I am in a similar situation and have my family with 2 kids. Still thinking weather to move or now. The package is around 2000 KWD plus housing.

Is this decent salary to live with Kids and work the Kuwait University. How much expenses can I save monthly. What are the monthly expenditures like. I have heard that kids toys are really pricy... How true is that

descent salary, join and make money.

replacng expats with locals is in full swing in government departments. Kuwait Education ministry is also in news for this. Make money before you are kicked out. You may be PhD or just a graduate, you are treated in same way .. .... and the treatment is not great. So dont expect that you shall be treated like a Doctor just because you are PhD. This is for ALL the companies who are giving good salary.

check prices on Xcite, Ikea and Lulu. You can make your expense budget from these sites and check your savings. Almost all schools are displaying their fees online. Remember school fees in Kuwait vary a lot between schools. It may range from 400KD per year to 4000KD per year.

Hi i have a Phd how can i get a job in kuwait

You should always negotiate, people never give their best offer at first. LOL

Can any one provide information regarding salary in Kuwait University
For example, I will be selected Assistant professor and if they will consider 8 years experience of mine, then what will be my salary

I am Not from Kuwait but this offer seems really good and it is also about gaining some experience. If only money counts for you How can you find happieness?

I Had to cancel my Job due to Personal issues and i would Have reviced less then 1000 kwd but with accomodation. For me from Europe It would have been OK.

I have an option to move to Kuwait University as an assistant professor. They have counted 8 years experience of mine.
I have not been shared agreement yet. Can you explain what salary they will give . Thy have verbally committed house rent, school fee of  three kids, house rent, perhaps medical and transportation,
My queries us like yours you posted in 2018. I think you can share accurate info
Your response is waited please
If you share your WhatsApp it would be good for further discussion
Mine is  ***

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Waiting for your response


hello recently I have completed my phd in physics. I want to do postdoctoral  in Kuwait can you suggest Me any good option??

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