Requirement of minimum period of stay with a job in Kuwait

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I heard that there is a requirement put in place by the Kuwaiti Govt. that any expat should work for a minimum of 3 years with the company you have joined. Some say that this is applicable for people earning below KD 1300.

Could you experts please throw some light on this ? It would be great if you can paste the link of the law indicates which indicates the same.

I have searched through the forum for an answer to this but could not find it. However, it would be great if someone can paste the link if the question is already answered.

Many thanks in advance

No reply even after 4 days.

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Dear  Animwins,

Be patience to get reply, if anyone would have the answer of your question, they will surely post a reply.

Anyways, there is NOT such rules that you need to work for minimum 3 years in one company. This is misled by the companies as they don't want the employees to leave the company so that they can control their attrition rate. The employees can resign even before one year but some organization charge some amount if you resign before you contract for the expenses they did on you (Medical, insurance, etc). BUT you cannot take release i.e. you cannot work in other company in Kuwait itself without completing your one year in one company.


Hello Animwins, as far as I know if you have come on a fresh work visa you need to complete at least 3 years of employment with your Co before you are eligible to transfer your residency. You can only transfer your residence prior to 3 years of employment if your sponsor/Co is willing to give you a release. But once your residence has been transferred locally, you can leave your present job and transfer the residence simply by giving a 3 month notice to your employer/Co. In this case the employer/Co will not be able to stop you from leaving your job and moving to a new one.

But in the first instance, it is necessary that you complete at least 3 years of service before changing your job.

Many thanks Nilesh and Ayyaz for your replies. Nilesh, its just that I am in a little bit of hurry mate :)

Ayyaz, good information. But being a newbee I have not quite understood it completely.

1. What exactly is 'transferring the residence' ?  Transferring the residence to someone else or me shifting to some other house ? I din't understand why I need to transfer my residence if I change my job in Kuwait. OR Are we talking about work permit transfer here ?

2. The scenario which you talked is about me changing job in Kuwait, as far as I understand. What about a scenario where I need to go back to my own country or I need to go to some other country on work permit ?

My questions may be weird as I am a newbee here, but do believe me, I am trying to do some research before asking. 


@Ayyaz, it is not at all compulsory to spend 3 years with first employer as you mentioned. Even for transferring residency, the current company should give you release after one year or max they can hold you for two years or as per contract or offer letter.


1) "transferring the residence" Residence is same as visa or work permit. i.e. when you will change the job, the name of your employer will be changed in ministry and a new residency will be put on your passport mentioning the name of new employer.

2) Again, as per my knowledge, it is not at all compulsory to complete 3 years and specially if you want to cancel your visa to go some other country. You can resign in probation period or even after been confirmed you can resign whenever you want.

But still you can ask to many others or you can also go through Kuwait labour law.


But most of the companies give only  one year visa and they renew after every year based on performance. what if company don't want to renew visa in any worst scenario ?

Are you Sure about this Nilesh? Because I was certainly under the impression that when you first come on a new Visa, you do need to complete 3 years before you can change your job/sponsor. Maybe you know more because you are in the HR Dept.

Also I think if you have a certified University Degree of Graduation, you can transfer after one year.

Animwins Transferring Residence means not your accommodation but your visa status or sponsorship from one sponsor/employer to another one.

@ayyaz1972 as you told about three years, that is an old story. Before it was like for 3 years but after this post and conversation i also confirmed with my Government relation officer and he also told that nothing like three years policy.

As you can see Mr. Msax2001in has the contract of only one year so definitely no one is going to force him to stay for three years. And even if you have the contract of 2 Years or 3 years, you can resign after 1-year service. and company has to give you the release paper for transfer in new company within Kuwait. As I mentioned that company mislead so that they can control their attrition rate, for employee retention and many other things. But unfortunately there are still some companies which refuse to give release before three years.

@Msax2001in: Don't think much LOL you are going to fry here in Kuwait withing a month  ;)
If they will not renew your contract, they have to inform you before three months and if they don't inform you or they don't give you 90 days notice for ending the contract they have to pay you 3 months salary (In spite the contract will end after one year they need to inform you before three months that they will not renew your contract).

Wow ! Thanks Nilesh. Treasure of information.

@Animwins after complistion of one year , can we join other company in kuwait

Can't believe ive been on this forum for years and did not see this post. thank you for reviving Manoj.

In a nutshell, there is no such thing as a minimum requirement to stay with a company - 3 years is the amount of time you need to spend in order to get indemnity, which is 21 days per year of service, the law give the company the right to cut that amount in half if you resign tho, and if you stay 5 years you get more days, not sure how much, and you do not lose half if you resign.

So long as you are a university graduate, with a degree, you can leave any job any time and job any where else. a company cannot keep you against your will. if that company brought you into kuwait, then you need to spend at least one year there yes, but if you had an existing article 18 visa and transferred to them, you can leave after 3 months even i.e. during probation, or even 8 months.

@legacy thanks alot for ur information mate. I have article 18 visa and new in kuwait. I hav university degree as  well

I also had d same question that if i join a company and leave after say 2 months or 3 months i can right without any problem?

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