I have been selected for KOC-direct hire for the position of Safety Engineer (Grade 15),interview was held on 17th Oct-2015 in Mumbai,India through Sofomation ,interview was taken by KOC representatives,after the successful interview they have issued Job offer letter along with benefit details.Accordingly I have signed the offer letter and sent back to them through my agency and further received a mail from my agency that shortly I will receive a mail regarding further procedure to be followed for on board.Later on after one month I have received a mail from my agency that they have received final list from KOC and your name is not there coz  your performance was poor than others hence your job offer letter from KOC is no longer valid.
Under the condition kindly advise me what action I have to take to inquire the real fact.I have a doubt if my performance was poor why they issued offer letter although I do believe that my performance was very good as KOC taken my interview more than 1hr 20 min and later KOC representative appreciated me for my performance.
Kindly help me to get back my right.
Thank you very much indeed.


i work for KOC technip PMC, KOC do not hire non kuwaiti employees. if they will hire you that means you are a seconded not a KOC employee, which means another PMC contractor will interview you and bring you. it's impossible that KOC had an interview with you.

Believe me,I got the KOC offer directly with KOC letter head.Even I asked to the Kuwaity TPL-Specialist and agency after getting the job offer letter and they confirmed that this is direct hire not seconded to some Contractor.That is why I am worried and depressed about the miserable incident happened with me.My question why I am victim though they issued the offer letter.If you believe me on the based of this scenario you can advise cum guide me further.

Thank you very much for your reply.


i wish i can help you ... just don't forget everything happens for a reason ..


I see my problem is same as yours but with a different timeline, yours in year 2015, mine in 2017, did u finally got call from KOC or not. PlZ reply soon...

Hi..I have the same issue. I signed their contact for registrar ENT post on October 2017 during their interview. It was a direct interview. Few of my friends were also selected. After one week, my friends got the confirmation letter but not me... My offer expires in January and I still don't know if they will give me the confirmation letter...

My response may be too late but I would like to point out something for anybody who seeks employment directly with Kuwait Oil Company. KOC does hire expats as direct employee as I am one of them (Hired in 2010). My father worked for KOC for 39 years as a direct employee. Although they run extremely infrequent recruitment campaigns to hire Non-Kuwaities(NK). Currently NK strength in KOC is around 1500 to 2000 which ofcourse includes expats from all over the world and not just India. For those who wish to suggest otherwise I'd recommend a note of caution. Please do not propagate information if you are not completely aware of facts. KPC is listed as 7th largest oil company in the world and KOC is a subsidiary of KPC (Although KPC was formed much after KOC i.e in 1985 making KOC the oldest in K-Companies). Besides KOC, like most national oil companies fancies expat skills. So next time you walk around in KOC office complex in Ahmadi, look around and you will see how many Consultants, TPL Specialist, Seniors and others are expats. I mentioned these titles because someone who is fimiliar with KOC will know that few things that are a give away if the employee is a KOC direct hire or not and among them are titles and their KOC ID numbers.

Mine was a direct recruitment. I have now known the fact that koc has kept me in their backup list. My friend who was selected along with me by them last year has now received visa. So I think it's futile to still wait.. So if anyone else has been offered a job by them,I would like to tell you that unless you get a confirmation letter from them, until then don't keep your hopes up.

Usually recruitment process at K-Companies is 6 to 8 months long if you had an interview outside Kuwait. As you may have guessesd, do not stop your life and career over it. Keep doing your thing and if were short listed you will get a confirmation and will be asked to do medical and proceed with visa process. Best wishes to you and all applicants.

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