Drilling Supervisor interview with Kuwait Oil Company KOC

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I got shortlisted for interview with KOC as a drilling Supervisor. The interview will be in Dubai this next month.

Can anybody give me tips on what to expect in the interview. Anybody here working there with idea of salary expectations and interview questions of KOC/KDC.

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I guess interview with KDC as contractor not KOC,  its known drilling contractor company in KOC

What to expect in the interview:
1) Expect to be asked basics of drilling operations. Interviews don't last long, try to give direct answers without beating around the bush. Be well dressed and polite.
2) Topics to refresh: Directional Drilling, Sidetracking, Drilling Fluids, Well control, Downhole Equipment (BHA), Drilling Problems, any special Casing and Tubing materials you know of, drilling into formations with sour corrosive fluids. No high temp wells in Kuwait, just fyi

Salary: depends on experience, the group you are interviewing for (deep drilling or development drilling) and nationality.

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Glad to heard your story i got recently an employement contract from jobagency2015 for a job in Koweït and they sent me a contract letter and visa based on documents provided and the agency asked me to pay the agency fees to received ticket travel ? The visa is for 2 years ...how Can i be sure it's not an arnaque.the are 500 dollars .please help

Is it possible to check if that visa is Real ? Or do you guys also pay fees to such  âge..

@Mauryl how are you , i received the same information from the same email what should i expect

@TAFADZWA MUSARURWA this post is from last year, i would suggest you ask your question again in a different thread.