Got a job confirmation letter

I am Sk zahid Hussain from India Telangana state. I got a job confirmation letter of KOC kuwait oil company through SCOPE CONSULTANT from chandigarh. As a Computer Operator and basic salary is 365KD. Working hours 8 and 6 days in a week. Please reply me is it True or fake

Hi Shaik Zahid,

What is their email address? Who signed the letter?

Their is no email mentioned on offer letter. I got A LETTER through SCOPE CONSULTANT from Chandigarh.

Their is no email mentioned on offer letter. I got A LETTER through SCOPE CONSULTANT from Chandigarh.

It's signed by KOC Al Ahmadi

Please tell me is there any vacancies are going in KOC. They have send me a offer letter and saying that you have to go medical for Delhi or Lucknow. What should I do. Please suggest me

1) Don't post the same comment or question many times
2) Use common sense i.e.

- Did you interview for the job or just got an offer out of the blue?  if out of the blue, then it is likely to be fake
- Have they asked you for any money for visa processing or government fees or airfare?  if yes, then it is fake

And after a single google search, here is the message on the web site of KOC:

E-mail Scam warning

Kuwait Oil Company has become aware of various email scams circulating on the internet in which fraudsters, using KOC or other Kuwait oil sector companies' official logos, falsely intimate that the recipient of the email has been appointed a position at KOC. The fraudsters typically ask the recipient to submit "fees", sometimes large sums of money, to secure a "visa" to travel to KOC and take up employment. Sometimes the scammers will send a fake check to reimburse the "fees". The victim may send money before dicovering that the "reimbursement" check is fraudulent. There is also the possibility that this scam may be used to "fish" for the victim's personal identifying information in an effort to commit further fraud.

KOC has posted this warning as a public service. Kuwait Oil Company, its employees and agents will not be liable for any losses incurred as the result of these unauthorised activities.

KOC recommends that you verify the authenticity of any offer of employment or offer to bid for a contract by contacting KOC using the information provided on our official website,

Send me ur mobile number

Who is that message meant for?

Did you get the Job or nt..?

send me your mobile number... I'm from jagtial present working in kuwait

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