Employment scams in the GCC

Recently, there have been tons of threads on the forums where people are asking for advice on whether a company is genuine or not as they have been offered a job there.   This is in line with the proliferation of job scams targeting GCC especially as the world wide economy slows down - this makes tax free income in places like Dubai, Saudi etc much more attractive.

The second type of scam is targeting people who are already in the GCC.  This scam is primarily job offers from companies in the US, UK, Europe and Australasia.  It is playing on GCC expats need to move to a secure country where they can potentially get citizenship afterwards.

The purpose of this thread is to warn people about such scams and how to spot them.

How do these work?:

1) GCC: You can get an email from a company or a call for a fake interview.  Afterwards you get a job offer.  To confirm the offer, you have to send your documents to a travel agency and pay fees for visa / ticket.  They assure you that these fees will be refunded once you arrive.  Obviously, once you pay, that is the last you will hear from them
2) Elsewhere: You can get an email or a call for a fake interview.  They will ask you to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself during the stay in that country.  In the western countries, they will even have someone meet your friends or relatives to assure you before you have to transfer the money. Furthermore, the transfer will be in the form of a western union or similar transfer in YOUR name.  They comfort you saying that since it's in your name, the money is safe.  Once done, they ask you to send them the receipt of the transfer as proof.  The moment they get that, they use the tracking number to collect the funds and disappear
3) Any variation of the above.  The common denominator is that you have to physically send some money for any given reason

How to verify it is a scam?: 

It is a scam if they ask for ANY money for the job i.e. visa, ticket or any other fees for WHATEVER reason.  NO genuine employer or recruitment firm does this in the GCC or world wide.   

And then there is common sense and logic (put your excitement about a job offer aside and apply this) i.e.

1) Why would anyone offer you a job via email without rigorous interviews and assessments? 
2) Why would a legitimate organization; send a badly spelled and grammatically incorrect job offer email? 
3) Why would they use a personal email address like outlook.com and not their official email? 
4) Why would a travel agency or a third party process your work permit, when, only employers can sponsor the visas?
5) Fake references to laws which will be uncovered in a second with a google search e.g. "Expatriate Statuary Law of UAE", besides the bad spelling, there is no such law.  Google the exact term and multiple scam warnings come up!
6) Fake references to authorities in an official letter e.g. "UAE Visa Authorities".  The correct department is called General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs.  Or alternatively, real names of the Head of the visa section e.g. in the UK will be quoted (Why would the head of UK passports deal with your application?)
7) Proof of funds for any country in the world is through bank statements or similar items.  NOT A SINGLE AUTHORITY requires money to be wired to prove that you have it.  Think logically, once you send the money, you don't have it now do you?

Google these job offers and in most cases, you will find forums discussing this and / or official warnings from Government authorities e.g. UAE, UK, US.

Lastly, if you are a third world national i.e. not from the US, UK, Europe etc, be aware that there is NO way for you to get a work permit to work in these countries - definitely not through a random job offer out of the blue.  The ONLY genuine ways are, if a company with which you are already working, internally transfers you there OR you go through a legal skill based immigration route OR if you are studying there and manage to find a job after, in some cases.  This is because, in most of these countries, if they hire people from abroad, extra cost is incurred as well as the need for them to show evidence that people of similar skill set are not available in those countries - which there are in a majority of the cases (so if you are not an exceptionally skilled person with unique abilities, no chance for you).  There are very few exceptions e.g. H1B visa for US for IT professionals which is a nightmare to get nowadays.

Legal action: You will take legal action WHEN you have LOST the money.  And at that stage, who will you file the case against?  most of these people are not even based in those countries and are using fake addresses and emails.  And even if they are there, to pursue a case when you are not there will take much time and money from you.

The easiest way to avoid it is to use common sense and recognize this is a scam.  And walk away.  The reason these people are successful is that desperate job seekers are willing to believe anything while ignoring all warning signs. 

I have personally had job seekers get angry at me when I tell them that this is a scam.  However, a month or two down the road, they message me, saying that they are upset and have lost their money and wanting me to give advice to get it back.  By that time it is too late.

The simple version for those with lesser English skills

The first very clear warning sign is easy - You get a job you didn't apply for

The second is equally easy to spot - They ask you for cash

If if see either or both, it's a scam

I've been approached this week by an agency 'Global Careerz' who found my account on Naukrigulf. It's so difficult to tell how legitimate the approach is. They claim to act as the middle man between job seekers and top level companies, everything they have said on the phone and by email seems like they know the sector and know exactly what they're talking about.

Then they drop in that there is a one-off enrolment fee of $79. Which sends off all the alarms but, so far it really is the only red flag. I cannot find any feedback from the company at all really, good or bad.

drakey31 wrote:

Then they drop in that there is a one-off enrolment fee of $79. Which sends off all the alarms but, so far it really is the only red flag. I cannot find any feedback from the company at all really, good or bad.

This is the ONLY red flag you need to consider.

Same thing happened with me, it was Gulf Air something like that and they offered me a job and I didn't even applied for it

I didn't get any type of such fake offers yet, but anyone who is a job seeker in Gulf countries like me must take a look at this informative post, these tips are really eye-opening, I love reading the threads you poste, thank you !

Many scammers remain anonymous and out of the reach of regulatory and enforcement authorities. Consumer education is, therefore, a very important way to minimise the impact of this threat.

Thank so much for this post,

WARNING WARNING To any  one who get a job offer and was accepted with no serious job interview.

last week  I had a job offer from an oil & gaz company located in Dubai, and after just a few emails exchanges they sent me an email confirming that my profil fit the job requirements and that I was accepted (no job interview ) and they sent me the salary amount and the contract ...
they told me to contact a private  agency for my work permit and visa,
this is the agency email :

You are to send the above mentioned requirements along with prerequisite Processing Government, Immigration/ Ministry of Interior charges below:

$1,950 USD which is Equivalent to AED 7,161 (For Single) Employment Work and Resident Permit Processing fee. This amount is for a single processing of work/resident permit documents for an individual (Individual coming alone).

$2,900 USD which is Equivalent to AED 10,650 (For Family) Employment Work/Resident Permit.
This is an All-Inclusive visa/resident package of not more than 5 family members. Visa/residency permit will be under the name of the employee.
You are to provide full names of your family members and copy of International Passports or any other Government Identity.

For easy collection of your application processing fee, you are advised to go to any bank or store with a AL ANSARI EXCHANGE/  Xpress  Money/  Cash Express/ Western Union operation unit and tell them you want to send the sum of US$ 1,950.00 Equivalent in Dirham is AED 7,161 Dirham for single applicant or US$2,900,Equivalent in AED 10,650 Dirham for family process to our Accountant Cashier ( MOHAMMED  MOKHLISUR RAHMAN MOJOMMIL ALI ).

As a Recruiter Business Consultant, the applicant should never be asked to pay any form of money for the services. The employer looking for a Candidate pays the Recruitment agent to find the suitable Candidate for the position. Plainly put, never pay for someone to find a job for you and always ask for proof that they are a legit business as a legit recruiter and business will have no problem to supply their proof of registration in the form of a copy of trade license or trade certification registered with the relevant economic department.

This is the wrong country forum and a completely different topic.  Post in the right place.

You are absolutely right. There are many job scams happening in GCC. Guys, please be careful before sending money and other details.

I am too a recruiter based in Uganda.Most of our labour is exported to GCC countries.However,when it comes to UAE,i have failed to make a break through.There are too many middlemen who who have ripped me off.I know the UAE quota system has a big market for Uganda workers.
Problem i have still failed to get direct contacts to these companies.
Do you have any idea

I think one issue with looking out for scams with people especially employers they tend to dominate the conversations. So you're left running through your checklist of if he or she seems genuine. & then you get duped by the simplest of scams.

Like what this British scam woman did in UAE
British conwoman used medical aid during Covid pandemic to scam thousands from UAE citizens

There are a lot of scammers in UAE and most of them are anonymous. Once your cash is gone, it's gone! So everyone, please be aware of this.

WTX NEWS wrote:

I think one issue with looking out for scams with people especially employers they tend to dominate the conversations. So you're left running through your checklist of if he or she seems genuine. & then you get duped by the simplest of scams.

Like what this British scam woman did in UAE
British conwoman used medical aid during Covid pandemic to scam thousands from UAE citizens

Much as con men (or con women) are nothing more than low life scumbags, their rubbish only works when greed or desperation is combined with either stupidity or gullible.
I can sympathise with, and understand, how someone poorly educated and in need of work can fall victim, but I'm having a hard time crying for a cabin crew losing their cash because of greed and pure stupidity.
Harsh, but true.


There are many active oil and gas job scams right now. I almost got scammed by one of them and then I saw this recent article which has a large list of many of the scam websites and also discusses what to look out for:


I am concerned about this as well as there is a school I am very interested in joining that school however some things are making me suspicious. Is there anyone here who can confirm companies, institutions or schools in Ras Al Khaimah?

Look, to keep it very simple, if they ask for money for whatever reason, it is a scam.

For me since I experienced on my own  how the scammers use their tunque convince the person is now I can already really smell them the style an their excuses an etc. R very obvious.. So be careful specially for who does not experience yet the scam called... Just like me before I was so upset when I can't help someone who asking a help for me so I always do that even iam also just normally living but in my best I try to help people even I just meet but at the last time I knew someone an we use to talk things good untel get to knowe very well then.. for short to share my experience I got scam from him because iam the kind of person that can't say no to someone who I thought good but I was wrong it's to late to realize that I was already talking to the Profesional scammers but atleast now I learn an know how scam it is. 🤔🙄👀

    Your message is very informative about scams. You provided all the details and it is very clear for new job seekers. Thank you for your message.


Sandra Mary Fernandez

thanks for sharing


I think all the newbies in the country has to get these updates about scams so they can be more careful here.

Hi, excellent message and very clear. Just to let you know, these scammers are evolving now. A good example es a job offer i've recently received, in which they send me the offer letter to a non-personal email address (eg: gmail, outlook, yahoo) and saying that they will pay for my flight tickets, but prior to this i have to pay for the work visas. They even sent me the application and what is calling my attention and raising a red flag is the following Goverment agency name in the app. form:




Just notice people are writing about the scammers. I have been looking for job here in UAE & luckily met some of those scammer. They have several office locations in Sharjah but their interview appointment messages are same. Once anyone go their office, you will be surprised with the crowd of applicants waiting for interview. I saw they have counter 1,2,3,4,5.... Interview is also interesting. Just to tell something about you & you are qualified for the job.. Just one formalities to do. Pay cash (I was asked for AED 210), not much... :D. They are even ready to give receipt as processing fee (though as far I know it's not legal).
I told her that I don't have cash with me. I will come back later. She even asked to check my wallet how much I have right now to start the file at least.... "I saw a real bitch that day.... & obviously I came out along with my CV copy cause I printed it with 1 dirham, why waste..???)
I saw so many young fresh applicant's running after them just to get a job of couple of thousands AED. How could they do it even in Dubai...?

Useful Info!


Greetings! I am Lakshmi writing to you from India. I would like work in Dubai as a college teacher. I am Hepatitis B positive but, my viral load is zero. I would like to know from you if i will be permitted to work in Dubai. I read a couple of posts by you that if employees aspiring to work in Dubai do not fall under   six categories ,they will be granted a work visa.
Since i am a new applicant, will i be able to gain a job visa in Dubai if i apply from India?
Should i go to Dubai on a tourist visa to find a job?
Will i be granted a job visa if i go to Dubai on a visit visa?

I shall be grateful to you if you could clarify my doubts

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Thanks and regards

Hi There,
Employment is secured after passing the Medical requirements for GC.
If yo have the following:
1 Hepatitis B
3 Tuberculosis you will be rejected and Sent back Immediately.
You may get a Travel Ban so please dont try.


Thank you for responding to my query. But, I have read a few peoples' experiences on the forum that despite being Hepatitis positive, they were able to gain  new job visas after going to Dubai on a visit visas.

So, i wrote on the forum to know if the information is correct.

I request other friends on the forum who posted similar information to respond and clarify my doubts.

Thanks and regards

First of all, you are posting on the wrong thread.  There is a thread in the forum about people with Hep B and the visa issues.  Go read that.  To keep it simple, you can get a visa with Hep B if your visa profession doesn't fall within the 6 categories.  Again, go read that thread.

Very well said...this is indeed true in all angles and aspects...

I have lots of experience on  job applications  and most of them who will reply to your email application in less than an hour is 100% a scam ! they asked money before they open their mouth..my  always plea is that... if I am qualified for the position, they can deduct the amount from my first pay...

And just to check and validate on how it is...i sent an email without body ...just Hello on the subject...and I got a reply that I will be for interview the next day!

Its just disappointing .. I am sincere , honest ..have  a bachelor degree , experienced  and yet I am not accepted in the Cleaner job, warehouse job, etc because I cant  pay ...  :)

@Aqibjawed Hi don't ever send your documents or payments, I was victimized and I've learned a lesson. When applying for a job position anywhere always include a cover letter and mention that you're applying direct not to get victimized again by illegal recruitment - be on the lookout especially if there's a fee.

@XTang I recently came across a concerning situation and wanted to seek your advice and insights. There have been instances where individuals receive emails or calls for fake interviews, followed by job offers. However, to confirm the offer, they are asked to send their documents to a travel agency and make payments for visas or tickets. The scammers assure them that the fees will be refunded upon arrival, but unfortunately, after the payment is made, there is no further communication.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could share any tips or experiences on how to protect oneself from such scams. What are the best practices to ensure we don't fall victim to these fraudulent schemes? Your insights would be highly valuable and can help others in the community stay safe during their job search.

The simplest advice is:  if any job asks you to pay for WHATEVER reason, it is a scam.

@XTang Hello @Xtang I found your information very authentic as I had a medical issue and your guidance helped me make a decision. Recently I had another issue where a person who claimed to immigration person who became my friend offered to help me with the job of my wife. When I asked him that what would be the expenses he said as it is job in govt office, there would be no charges except that 120AED would be paid by your credit card. he took my credit card and said he is going inside the govt office to pay it. Eventually, I received an email that my amount of 12000 had been drawn from my credit card. He claimed that these payments would be returned after the 24hrs. But its 2 weeks no payment has been returned when i asked what is the issue these are not being returned, now came with another story that i would require an enjaz permission letter from my side to put the application to govt. to return the amount. Can you please guide me on what is enjari and what is it used for, whether he is even tricking me again for something else? what should be my course of action?

Simply, the guy is not your friend and is a scammer.  Don't pay anything or give anything, just go to the police.

I wrote an email to the duabi police and CID but they are not responding. Can you please tell me what is enjaz permission letter?

I don't think you are understanding at all.

1) Don't ask irrelevant questions - it is irrelevant what an Enjaz letter is as you are NOT getting your money back via this (he is lying that he needs to apply to the Government). If you give him this, he can use this to do many other things to you (this permission will allow him to apply using your name to many government services and commit crimes potentially which you will be liable for).  So am really sorry to say - stop being stupid

2) Stop with sending emails to police.  Go to the station in person with all relevant proof and file a case

Honestly, you are being extremely gullible and I can see how someone took advantage of you.

Economic ativities list

anyone know commercial license , for partner lc,  change to join to new partner . plz mention or msg