Adek Pass Approval

Hi, is there anyone who have received adek approval in the month of January? My profile is showing “under operator HQ review” any idea what does this mean?

@Maria Khan21 have you received it?

Not yet, been waiting for 2 months now.

Hi my adek is still pending is there anything they meed from me why its pending?

Its been a month and my adek aproval is still pending!whats going on?

Same here it is pending from over two months

i have been asked to fill all personal information which is already filled. Strange

@lovelyjane386 samething happens to me going to 16days now still pending

How can we cancel the ADEK pass and re.apply for another school

Did any of you eventually get your ADEK pass or Appointment Letter?

@Maria Khan21 did you get yours?


i am wondering if the character schools in pass adek provide staff housing and when we get to know this?

@Lal allzr  My charter school is providing housing.

Hi what is the period of waiting between initial offer till final contract? Thank u

Got my ADEK pass and appointment letter. After that I got letter of offer and contract letter from MOL. Awaiting eVisa and tickets

@SafariCat Any idea if they are restricting or not providing visas for certain nationalities?

@SafariCat can you share what information/details is given on the contract?

@walkershanakaye same as what your employer gave u

I got my adek pass and temporary appointment letter, what is next? And my site shows pending uploading official letter ? Does that mean i got the job and will they sent an official contract to sign?

How long does it take for adec approval ? It show pending from one week no update

How many day for receiving adec approval ???? Plz share me

@Ala1982 my was approved in a week but the whole process took 2-months

@SafariCat do you know if i can ask for staff accommodation or not?

@iluvshoes02 mine told me my position is not eligible but can i still ask for an accommodation? Is it possible

how long does it take to get an adek approval?

@Daniyal Saleem I have also same question.. for me now am waiting for 2 weeks .. what about you ?

@SafariCat  how many weeks you get your adec approval ?? Mine is still pending

@Maria Khan21 You've got your adec approval for how many weeks?

@Lal allzr Hi, have you experienced from pending adek approval then goes back to HQ review? Did they ask for changes on that stage? and how many weeks it goes back again to  pending adek approval? Appreciated your response.

Hello, Guys did anyone get approval after the UNDER OPERATOR HQ AL REVIEW  and how did you wait?

Anyone, please reply, for how long should we receive ADEK approval, it is still shows pending approval ?


hi there could you please advise me how you applied and at what stage of job application did you apply?


hi there

could you please advise me about the process of getting/appying ?

At what stage of job application we need to apply or can school help in applying?

what is the requirement please?



@Maria Khan21

hi there

can you please advise at what stage of job application we need to apply ?

Can school help us in making this application?

how can we apply online?