Hepatitis C and work Visa

Can a person who has HEP C come and work as a teacher in the United Arab Emirates ?

To the best of my knowledge, the UAE stopped testing for Hep C a few years back and it was also taken out of the list of deportable diseases.

HOWEVER; and this is a big however, if you are coming to the UAE from a country which has the certified GCC Medical Testing Centres (GAMCA) - these include Pakistan, India, Philippines etc, you will have to go through a pre-employment medical and they DO test for HCV.  If found, they stamp your record UNFIT irrespective of whether UAE will treat it that way or not.  With an UNFIT, you will not get an entry permit.

Sorry ! no they will reject ur visa because when u come to do medical test for ur blood so i believe this will fail you anyways may allah recure you from this allah hafez

two conflicting viewpoints... any others have an idea of what would happen?

I don't think Hep c screeing is done in UAE
Its only Hep B

Can a person who has HEP C come and work as a engineer in the United Arab Emirates? Plz tell me if anyone know

Just came across this after a long time.  The view is clear.  Simple points.

1) Hep C USED to be tested for ALL professions in Dubai up until 2010.  It was a deport-able illness.  Same with Hep B
2) They changed the law and testing is now not done for Hep C. When I had my medical in 2010 in Dubai, they tested for HIV, Hep B, Syphilis VDRL and TB X-ray.  In 2011, Syphilis VDRL was also dropped
3) For Hep B, they test for it but it is no longer a deport-able illness EXCEPT in the case of 6 professions which include maids, healthcare workers, barbers, cooks etc

It is confirmed that hep c is no tested in uae?

As I said, I wasn't tested once for Hep C for the 5 years that I lived in Dubai (2010-2014).  I was in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

You have hep c?

No I dont have Hep C.

All I said was that I wasn't tested for it.  I always made sure in every visa medical to take a look at the paper which showed the tests they were requesting.  It was never there.  Before 2010, Hep C was one of the tests that was done.  My brother moved to Dubai in 2007 and was tested for Hep C.

BUT remember that GAMCA is another story altogether.  If you are coming to the UAE from Pakistan, India or any other GAMCA country; you WILL need to have a medical there before coming to the UAE.  They DO test for Hep C as far as I know and they DO blacklist you if they find it. Give them a call and find out quoting UAE laws.

I gave medical test for ksa through gamca.medical center gave me unfit for ksa due to hep c.for uae it is necessary to medical test through gamca before uae? It is compulsory?

Yes it is compulsory.

The only time it's not is if you are ALREADY working in the GCC countries and need to transfer from one to the other.  For example, when I moved from UAE to Bahrain, my pre-employment medical was done in the UAE itself and I didnt have to go back to Pakistan for GAMCA.  I am also applying for a Saudi residency as that's a work related requirement and the medical for that will be done in Bahrain.

In your case as you are in Pakistan, you need to get it done from GAMCA.  As I said, ask GAMCA and quote the UAE laws about Hep C.  See what they say.

I gave medical test for ksa through gamca.medical center gave me unfit for ksa due to hep c.for uae it is necessary to medical test through gamca before uae? It is compulsory?

My friend didnot gave medical test in gamca for uae.he gave medical test in uae only.because gamca is not for uae.

Look you can choose to believe what makes you feel better.  I have given the facts.  It's up to you how you want to take this forward.  I can't give a different answer as from my perspective there is no different answer.

In 2014, I hired 5-6 people from Pakistan for my company and every single one of them had to go through GAMCA.  One person who was already in the UAE, did not.

Go ahead and try.  Hope it works for you.  Good luck.

So some facts.


The above link will show you what tests are needed.  HCV is not part of those.

https://www.dha.gov.ae/EN/Documents/Pro … 0Guide.pdf

This is a link to the Dubai Health Authority site which shows the procedure.  Unfortunately, GAMCA is needed.

It's mean that I can't come to uae because I have hep c antibodies but haven't virus.

No it means that if you go through GAMCA, you can't come to UAE as they will mark you as unfit.

If, however, you were to come here on a visit visa and find a job and your employer is able to process the conversion from a visit visa to a work visa without you needing to go back to the home country; you can work in the UAE as in the UAE medical, Hep C won't be tested.  It's a chance if you want to take it.

My uncle live in dubai and work as cfo in al naboodah company.he is sending engineer visa to me then I also to go to gamca or not?

I have already explained it but to keep it simple.

If you go directly from Pakistan on a work visa = GAMCA is a must irrespective of category, company whatever
If you are in the UAE on a visit visa and your employer is able to convert it to a work visa, you don't need to go back to Pakistan and hence skip GAMCA - chance but not confirmed

Ok, thanx

I think we are now in a pointless discussion. I have shared all the facts as listed in official UAE government and health ministry websites.  You now have all the official information as well as the views from your brother,  uncle and yourself. Good luck and hope it works out for you.


I have hepatitis b can my medical ok in dubai. can I allowed me in working In dubai. my job profession is mechanical fitter. anyway advice me.

Hello raushanray,

There have been answers regarding your case.

Kindly browse the threads and forums to make sure that there were no discussion regarding a particular matter before asking about it.

Here's the link :

> Hepatitis B


hi , i am from uzbekistan and i have hepatitis c can i work in uae

is uzbekistan fromGAMCA country

Hello. Is food technologist fall under 6 job category? Thanks

There are some deceases which are not allowed in this country and the victims of those diseases will be deported. Those disease are considered as non curable and contagious disease. Hep-C is a curable disease and it has been removed from the list where as Hep-B is in the list.

Thank you, so i can apply for resident visa in uae

sir you have any idea if the medical exam in the government hospital in uae is testing hep c included? specially medical jobs?

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Hi XTang my name is akram from sri lanka i had hcv when i was 19 years old at 23 years old i tried to go to UAE i selected interview then i went to GCC medical they found my HCV . they unfit my medical and they said me to make treat and go to UAE. then i went to hospitel and i spent one and half years for complete HVC test after completed i tried to go to KSA again i went to medial center they said HCV positive therefor you can not got to abroad RNA is negative but it's not useful i do not know what to do

please can you tell me if i go to UAE for visit visa and find some job there. can i do the work in there.
is UAE still not check HVC after stopped in 2010 ?
or which country i can go and do the work with HVC positive RNA negative

I wanted to know.i was hep c positive.i had yhe treatment.i was cured but now antibodies are in me.still hep c tested in uae.

My brother was having hcv but after medication he isfine now.. his hcv antibody test is positive but there is no viral load.. his RNA PCR test is negative... is he fit or unfit to get uae visa

Hi, I just read your message today. Please be informed that people with Hepatitis C can work in UAE. I personally know such persons. And if you are coming from Pakistan, there is no GAMCA medical requirement for UAE. Only medical is here in Pakistan. This information is to the best of my knowledge (which i believe is accurate). You may also visit Abu Dhabi Health Authority website for confirmation. Also note that medical requirements are different for different professions. Here is the reference of medical tests that are conducted AFTER you enter UAE from Pakistan.

When webpage opens, click on the Types of Tests Required for each Category. Regards.

Correction to Previous Post. Hi, I just read your message today. Please be informed that people with Hepatitis C can work in UAE. And if you are coming from Pakistan, there is no GAMCA medical requirement for UAE. There is only ONE medical that which is done AFTER you come to UAE (NO MEDICAL (Screening) IS DONE IN Pakistan). This information is correct to the best of my knowledge. You may visit Abu Dhabi Health Authority website for confirmation.  For that, Google Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD)>Open official website> Public Health > Services and Requirements> Residence-Visa Medical Check-up > Types of Tests Required for each Category

Disclaimer: This guide is for information only, and in no case a replacement of the official guidlines/rules and regulations. Before taking any step, always authenticate the information from the official sources.

No for teachers. They will deport

See, Hepatitis C is not screened (i.e., Hep C is NOT performed on the blood samples collected during check up. SO WHY WILL THEY DEPORT? There can be other reasons for deportation. In fact UAE Medical laws are humane and make sense. Please visit Health authority website to know exactly what tests are conducted, and to the best of my knowledge, Hepatitis C is not one of them.

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