Internships in the UAE

Updated 2024-04-03 16:11

If you are not ready to make a long-term professional commitment to the UAE, an internship can be a great way to test the waters. Interning in the UAE can also help you gain more professional experience, advance your career, get working experience abroad, and more. 

Is it easy to find an internship in the UAE?

It depends. Your best options for landing an internship in the UAE as an expat would be in the hospitality, tourism, and retail industries. Traineeships and internships are also available in other industries — however, internships in large international companies are typically reserved for UAE nationals.

Another option for gaining work experience in the UAE is volunteering. Organizations like the Emirates Red Crescent, Operation Smile UAE, the Dubai Volunteer Centre, and others accept foreign volunteer applications.

Doing an internship in the UAE

Emirati employers do not favor internships of 3 to 6 months because of all the steps leading to obtaining an employment contract, a work visa, and a work permit. The costs are quite high. This is why long-term internships are more popular. You might even have the opportunity to join the company on a permanent basis at the end of your internship.

To find an internship in the United Arab Emirates, visit job offer websites as well as recruitment agencies that will provide you with all the necessary information on the conditions of employment in the country. You can start sending your cover letter and CV to the companies you have identified, emphasizing your strengths and skills.

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Tips on finding internships in the UAE

Companies in the UAE search for interns regularly all year round, but short-term internships are less common than longer ones. To find an internship suitable for you and your field of interest, there are various websites that list positions available in the country.

Another effective way to look for an internship may be word of mouth. If you have work or personal connections in the UAE, you can leverage them to learn about any available internship opportunities in the area.

If you want to intern in a specific industry or maybe even a specific company, you can send out spontaneous applications to the companies you are interested in inquiring about potential internship opportunities.

As you prepare to search for an internship, make sure to keep your CV fully updated. It is also a good idea to update your CV and keep your professional social media active. You may also indicate on your LinkedIn profile (for instance) that you are searching for internship opportunities in the UAE. This will also make your online profile easier for companies in the UAE to find.

A large number of foreign universities also have exchange agreements with the United Arab Emirates. Feel free to seek more information from your university if you wish to set out on this great adventure.

Good to know:

As an intern, you will be paid at a starting rate of 3,000 AED (dirhams) per month. In some cities, you may be entitled to a salary between 6,000 and 10,000 dirhams per month. Some companies may offer facilities such as housing, transportation, or even a cost of living allowance. Not to mention the prestige of adding Abu Dhabi or Dubai to your location of internship!

It's also important to note that even as an intern, the UAE labor law applies (or free zone authority rules and regulations), so be sure to familiarize yourself with these to know your full rights.

Key recruiting fields for interns in the UAE

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are more internship options in certain industries in the UAE than in others. In addition to tourism, hospitality, and retail, media, energy, hydrocarbons, and construction are promising internship fields.

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