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Hello! I´m a portuguese nurse and I applied for a job offer in Zayed Military Hospital, in AD. Does anyone know the hospital?  Please, help me ;) Thank you very much!

Hi there!!!!!!!
Im jay im filipino and im also working in the same company Global Medical Solutions LLC. Your offer is good since uae is a free tax country and if ur single status.......just search a flat or accommodation that is suitable to your budget.........will u be assign in abu dhabi? or in their branches like al ain or sharjah? U can keep in touch with me in my whats app  at **** or if u have viber or skype just let me know........thnxs........

Yes I live in Abu Dhabi and know ZMH , what exactly do you want to know about it ?
You may e mail me all your questions and I would be happy to help
my e mail is :***
Please mention Zayed Military Hospital in the subject so that I know its you

Good luck

Hi bestman38,

Welcome to :)

Why communicating by email? I think that it would be wiser to communicate here on the forum so as other members wondering about this hospital can obtain their answers here? :) What do you think? ;)


You sure are right , so what info do you need about ZMH ?

Hi bestman38,

Actually i don't have questions about NZM Hospital as i am a member of the team, i am here only to guide members. ;)
I will let the member dcarrujo and other members to ask you their questions directly here instead.

Thank you for your help and have a nice day  :)


Hi!!! I'm Portuguese nurse and also answered a vacancy for zayed military hospital, and I have many questions!
1. How many hours of work per day? And a week?
2. How is the work environment?
3. We can use the phone while working? 4. How many patients per nurse?
5. How are the facilities in the hospital?

Sorry for so many questions. But while doing research on the net did not find any information about the hospital!

Hi all i am mbbs holder with 6 years experience i have received a offer letter from zmh, i am very keen to join it. But i have not cleared my haad exam in 1st attempt exam done in mumbai after a oral interview in which i have cleared. Is there a 2nd attempt for haad. If ever whom do i need to contact. Please help.
Thanking you all...

hello , may I know how you applied for a position of a Nurse in Zayed Military Hospital?

Thanks ^_^

hello dr.wasim,,,
can u tell in details about ur HAAD exam experience and wat u found difficult there,,,and why do u thnk u failed in ur first attempt...

thanks a lot

Hi to all.. We have been selected at ZMH al ain  and most probably arriving at the end of this month .. So can some one let me know how can I found a flat near hospital and other stuffs ?

Hello Dr. Wasim u r good...can u write ur whattsapp number plz so that we can interact. ....or ur imo number plz


Hi everyone,

[at] Dr.sagir - It's better to ask the contact number of dr wasim by private messages as it's not recommended to post it on the forum for the security of members.

Thank you


How u applied to ZMH . I want to apply.please give me the details to ***

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Anyone please tell me how to apply in Zyed military hospital UAE . I am a nurse.Currently working in Abudhabi.Please give me a details to***

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i have sent to you some information on e-mail regarding job at ZMH

Any job vacancy for staff nurse. ..hw to apply?

How u applied

Hi, May I know how can I apply to ZMH?

May i know how can i apply Zyed military hospital UAE? Thanks in advance 😊

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