Find a job in Dubai from abroad

Find a job in Dubai from abroad
Updated 2016-10-18 15:03

Looking for a job in Dubai from abroad? Find, in this article, some useful information and tips to help you find a job in Dubai.

Finding a job in Dubai can be quite a difficult task, especially when one is looking from abroad. Indeed, companies rarely attend to spontaneous job applications sent by email often remain unanswered. However, do not lose hope ! In fact, you will have to be rather patient before finding a job allowing you to move to the United Arab Emirates.

Labor market

You should know, above all, that a good command of English is one of the keys to your finding a job in Dubai. In fact, English is widely spoken across the country. Knowledge of Arabic will also be an asset, along with a first experience in working in a Middle East country.

As Dubai is a modern city, networking can greatly help during your job search. Feel free to check employment groups on social networks such as Facebook, Google , LinkedIn, etc. You will thus get an idea about the local labor market and its requirements, and why not apply for a job? The Forum and the Jobs section may also help.

As many foreign companies and institutions have set up their branches in Dubai, you may also try to seek information and assistance from them.

Most promising fields

According to Gulf News, most job opportunities in Dubai are available in the fields of information and communication technology, telecommunications, health care, education, banking, financial services and insurance, etc. Moreover, the local labor market requires professionals with high profiles in sales, business, finance and accounting.

Note that you are more likely to obtain a response from employers during the first semester of the year, according to experts.

Find a job

As mentioned above, you will find job offers on general and professional social networks as well as on job websites. We are also providing you will some useful links below.

Good to know:

Remember that there are several recruitment agencies in Dubai. However, you should always refuse to pay any recruitment fees as it is illegal.

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