Effects of being HIV+ while working in DUBAI

Hi everyone!

I'm currently working here in Dubai. Arrived last January and started working March up to present.

I was sexually abused by other nationality. I did not file any case or anything because I don't want to make a big mess out of that. But now, something is bothering me. I was wondering, what if I got positive with HIV? what will happened to me if I consult the Dubai hospitals and do some test? Will I be deported if they found out that I'm positive??


ohh sorry to hear that!!!!!

If your HIV test is positive,unfortunately they will deport you.....

I hope everything will be fine with you!

dont live with that guilt feeling just smile and move.. i have seen one of my very close friend getting depression on this issue whether to get tested....First take out from your mind that you are positive and maintain a healthy life style and healthy group of friends . If you are trapped in some sort of circle then get out of it. Nobody can force you anything here. Second when you go to your country get yourself tested...

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good luck!

It is very sad to hear that they are going to deport me if ever that I'm a postive one. BUT I'm still hoping and praying that I'm negative from that.

Thanks Dear!

Yes I know I dob't want to live in gult with ny whole life. What I'm trying to do now is living a healty and happy life with my family and safe friends.

Thanks for your advice sourav1969!

I'm sure you are negative  :)
just be strong...as always  :)

Get tested 3 months after the incident, preferably back home. This way you will feel relieved.

Old post but this may help some people.  If you are in Dubai and want to get tested anonymously or relatively so; try Zack's medical centre on SZR.  This is a niche medical center only for sexually transmitted diseases. You can look it up on the internet. 

Now how does it work i.e. anonymous and no fear of deportation. The law in UAE is that anyone who tests positive for HIV through the standard ELISA test has to undergo a confirmatory Western Blot test.  Once confirmed, by law, all clinics have to report the case to the Ministry of Health and the whole deportation procedures start.

What this clinic does is that they take the ELISA test.  If you test positive, they call you and tell you the results and invite you back in for a Western Blot.  But you don't have to go and that's what they recommend themselves. If you don't take the western blot, they are not obligated to report anything to the MOH by Law so you dodge deportation.  Now, you will still be deported when you are tested at your visa renewal but at least you have time now to put your affairs in order before that (sell house, car etc).  If you test negative 6 months after exposure through ELISA; you ARE negative.

This is what Zack clinic means by anonymous testing as advertised on their website.  The closest you can get to putting your troubled mind at ease while staying in the UAE :)

A friend of mine needed testing and i'll pass on his experience. He went to Zack Medical near the business bay metro station 2. The main entrance was on the Sheik Zayed Collector Road with a big sign saying STD clinic(!) and being rather shy, he just walked on, around the block.

Lucky he did, as on the other side of the building (called EMGATE) in a quiet side street, is a non-descript entrance. No people - and anyway, there are 40 other businesses over 4 floors so no-one has a clue where you are going. The place is on floor 3, office 305.

A reception, M/F waiting room, blood sampling room, doctors office. Not much in it. There are 5 other businesses on the same floor. No people about though. There was only a female receptionist and maybe 1-2 patients. They give you a 'menu' of testing where you can select the  'Visa Suite' (900AED) - for HIV/ Syphillis/ HEP A & B - or the 'Full suite' (1900AED)... There was even one for 3000AED!

Not cheap (but i guess they know you're in a bind). I wont talk about anonymity, but let's just say you 'won't have any issue's ;) They just ask for an email address or mobile number to deliver the results - no need to return. Blood draw over in 1 min. Usually all finalised by 6pm SAME DAY. Email also has the lab analysis to give greater confidence.

Good to see this 'safety valve' exists alhamdulillah, which allows people who otherwise wouldn't or couldn't test, to do the right thing and protect thier families and get the correct treatment. Shame on the self-defeating policies of the UAE.

Koster, Al Bawad, Ultracare and ITS also offer testing i'm informed, but anonymity - we don't know... Good luck everyone


I am actually freaking out now and want to know if this case and place is still available in Zack? Are they still the same test with all the confidentiality and discreet test?

Badly need your feedback.



I am actually freaking out now and want to know if this case and place is still available in Zack? Are they still the same test with all the confidentiality and discreet test?

Badly need your feedback.


I have posted a more recent reply to Zack Medical on this thread:


Reproduced below:

Why would they give you a negative result for no reason?  and secondly, do you expect anyone to respond here and tell you that they had a positive result?  So it's a silly question :)

They are legit.  They don't do the tests themselves and send the samples out to accredited laboratories in the UAE (Al Borg, scientific clinical etc).  Only the client dealing and sample collection takes place at their clinic.   Secondly, NO clinic can operate in Dubai without clearance and approval from the DHA.  So yes, they are licensed and accredited.

What they do is that they work within the letter of the law.   If you have a positive HIV result then every clinic is obligated to report it immediately to DHA - ZMH included.  However, it is considered a positive result after a confirmatory test e.g. western blot.  What Zack and other similar clinics do is that on a positive result, they tell you and report it only if you do a confirmatory test (if that turns out to be positive too).  So basically, if your result turns out to be positive, you don't make the appointment for a confirmatory test (or do one outside of the GCC), sort out your affairs (resign from job, sell cars, close bank accounts etc) and leave the UAE.  You just get time to put things in order and escape the deportation / permanent ban.  If you don't do this then by the time, the preliminary results for the first test make their way to the DHA as part of the overall data collection from clinics, you will be compelled to go in for a confirmatory by DHA themselves.  So your life in the GCC is over in any case - it's just a question of how you go.   

All in all, ZMC provide a great service as this is pretty much as close to anonymous testing you will come to in the GCC.  Note that in the past they didn't take any proof of ID from you; so you could be really anonymous (don't accept medical insurance either - only cash or cards).  Not sure how it works now.

Also, I do know people who have had positive results for other STDs at Zack (the results are sent to them via email along with prescription for medicine from the doctor) - not HIV though as no one would share that information in the UAE.

Personally, from the way you put the question, I would advise you to go and get a full STD check up and not just HIV.  You may have something other than HIV which could affect your health if not the visa!

I made test in hospital and the done 2 test Elisa and. Western blot and I'm working in uae they send the test to Mumbai lab I had positive results than I. Went to other hospital to check and it was positive what should I do while I'm still in my current
You have time to plan properly.  Find a job in your home country and prepare to leave UAE before your visa renewal date.  UAE and the GCC countries are no longer for you.   With HIV, you are not likely to be able to work abroad in most countries.
Can hospital report my results to healthy gov and. I can't travel
Please I need you advice  xtang before to renew my visa and I go from the country can hospital report the test and
Shall they call me to come from health gov
Can hospital report it
Totally depends on Dubai's hospital and the government running the policy.
Do I have time to prepare to go out before and how lon it take
Why are you making multiple posts?

I had misread your post i.e. that you got a test done in India.  But apparently it was done in the UAE.

As per law, the hospital is obliged to report it especially if they do the confirmatory test.  And yes, if they report it, MOH will call you.   I would suggest that you start arranging your affairs to be able to leave on a very short notice.  Ideally, you should resign and exit before MOH calls as if they deport you, you will be permanently banned and never be able to enter UAE........even on a visit visa.
No I test in hospital in Dubai and they send the test to a lab which is in India and the made western blot in India and Elisa hiv in them hospital which is based on Dubai
Irrespective of where it was done, the result was reported in Dubai.  My previous comment holds.
Do you  now approx time  that I can have as they called me back to come to make new test to confirm
To keep it very simple:

1) If HIV test is positive, they will ask for a confirmatory western blot test (both done in the UAE).  If both are positive, the results will be reported to MOH
2) Or MOH can call you directly to come for a test at their facilities

The time is difficult to predict.   However, what you need to understand is that your time in UAE is limited.  You will be forced to leave within a few weeks to a maximum of a few months.   My advice, as before, is to leave as soon as possible - within weeks.............to avoid permanent ban.
If you done your test in hospital in Dubai and they send it to other country to get  the results can they report it to health government , how long it take to call you some hospital they do 2 test to confirm  , and what is the timing to prepare to live uae
And in case if they call you MOH can u love the country before to go
I have already answered every one of your questions above.  Read carefully and don't post the same question again and again.
Hello Tang
My question was it's possible to live the airport if MOH call me to come without I go and same day love the country
No one will detain you if you leave.  They will follow up and if you are not there, you are not there.  No issue.

Detention only happens once results are confirmed (if you go when they call you) and deportation proceedings are initiated.

Just cancel your visa and leave if you get the call.  Don't wait for the follow up.


Thanks for information