DHA for doctors, failed twice

Hi Everyone,

My sister wrote DHA for General Practitioners and got failed twice. But she was confident enough both times. Is there a way, to approach the DHA team for re-assessment ? Because the effort and money and time is wasted all together.  We want to find a solution for this, which may help hundreds of people, who feel the same.

There is nothing in the guidelines of DHA testing that allows for a re-assessment.  They give you three attempts after which you cannot test again unless you upgrade your qualifications.

Having said that, you can try approaching them directly to see if they are willing to listen - but I would very much doubt it.  I haven't heard of anyone who has managed to convince them.  If anyone has a different experience, they can relate it here.

hi i have gone though same recently i appeared exam was out of my medical speciality ,but i did well and checked answers surely more then 65% i don't know why they failed my assessment its a money making business ,very sad

Can anyone let me know, how many days after submission of DHA professional Licencing online form along with documents, one gets reply whether application is being accepted & forwarded to dataflow group or not ?
Since 2 weeks over but I have not received any reply from DHA.

Guess 3 weeks max mine they rejected first time so I paid again ,they love your money

Do they send you email for acceptance or ?
Where to get the study material for ?
Is there any coaching for DHA exam or ?
Please let me know.

Check your inbox

Can you please let me know what study material to read for DHA Ophthalmology exam ? Where it is available ? Is there any coaching for it or ?


Any leads on how to prepare for DhA Otolaryngology. Please help

Hello. I am an OPTHALMOLOGIST and  I am wondering the same question and wanted to know if there is any study material or not for DHA exam, also if anyone have appeared for the exam whats the experience and how should I approach?

Hello, please help with dha general dentistry study materials.

Hi, I have also failed Prometric Exam. Have prepared well, subscribed for Prometric MCQ questions and always scored 65 % and above for all topics. Dont understand why keep on failing....
Can you help with some guidelines for passing the exam.....

Hii vickey how are you? My exam is in next month just want to ask ? I have heard exam is very easy and there is little chance of failing .. Isnt there nobody to whom we can claim for re evaluation for exam.?

I had the same experience. Wrote DHA for dermatologist twice and failed both times. I'm sure I scored above 70% both times. Why do they not tell us the marks we have scored? I heard from a friend that recently they are failing expat applicants on purpose to give more chances to locals. Is this true???

Ohh then what should i do now? Should i appear for this exam or not? I have paid alot many already for psv and applications?😓


80 to 90% of all dha exam questions are coming from edental portal website… check that website… and learn everything given- you will surely pass it!
@Monu792 hi

I also not passed first attempt how to take eligibility no to go for 2nd attempt
can you please guide me, if you know the procedure for the 2nd attempt in writing the DHA exam. what are the steps to be followed
Hello, so is there another good learning portal except prometricmcq because i failed the first exam, the questiones were new /different to that one' s i learned.

And is it better to do the exam in my country, austria or in dubai?


@jeenakuttanskindoc did u appear for third time ?

Anyone know the procedure and fee for reevaluation for DHA Prometric exam for pharmacist?

@vivinps it happens the same to me / I studied all the banks . And when I got the exam in front of my face /// it was totally different from the banks

@Monu792 it happened the same to me /

I studied really hards. I learned like 4000 Q & A . At the day of the Exam it was a weird exam/ the odd thing is that they don't give the score . I don't know from where to study : I need for plastic surgery

@Monu792 I do feel the same

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@Monu792 hi I too want to know about this reassessment of result.. I also appeared DHa ophthalmology exam thrice n failed … this is rediculous that I was pretty much confident about my positive results all the time …

@Monu792 hi Monu what's the next step if 3 attempts have already been made? Will you be able to write again?

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hi Sam do you have a phone number ?

@Stephaniatpr sorry to hear. When will you write the third time ? Is there any coaching class to attend? I am also in the same boat :(

@vickey set hi Vicky have you passed it now? Any tips?

Hi anyone knows what happens after 3 failed attempts?


is there any gynecologist here writing for DHA exam?

m from India